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Chimbre Ayahuasca RetreatStepping Into The Fire - The Movie

Stepping Into the Fire features Roberto Velez, Donna Walsh, Bo and José Pineda Varges (a.k.a Maestro Mancoluto).

The story behind the creation of this incredible Peru based Ayahuasca retreat is captivating indeed. The tragic events and corporate stress leading to one man's incredible transformation really are a tale for our times.

For the full story of the real meaning of the Maya Calendar ending and the Galactic Alignment event, and indeed details of all the events about to occur for our planet, you can simply securely order our entire 404 page book '2012 Rising The Last Tzolkin' (Sept 2012) as an e-book version for just $2.99 (Print version price is $24.99) by clicking on the PayPal box below (you can choose to pay a higher price if you wish to support us in our projects). Current article continues below.

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Of course it does not stop at one man being effected, we get to see how the medicine goes on to assist many others in the sphere of influence of Roberto Valez after it has burned him with the enlightening fire of spiritual revelations. This is a fascinating exploration of the world of Ayahuasca, the ancient hallucinogenic brew of the Vine of Souls. I strongly recommend checking out the film. 

Below you can find the official trailer and also an interview I carried out with Roberto and his wife Donna alongside my fellow Freethinkradio host John Miller. Do check out the interview to find out much of the back-story to this insightful film production and intriguing healing centre.


By Bruce Fenton


Traditional Maya DressThe Spiritual Tzolkin Calendar of the Maya

As I write this piece I find myself say in a house out in the middle of a forest on top of a hill overlooking the Cotswolds. The house has history, it was once used as a treatment centre for those suffering Consumption. It was during that period that a man named Eric Blair was in residence for treatment. Whilst being here he was also just publishing a now infamous book named '1984', under his pseudo-name 'George Orwell. As a conspiracy theorist writer, as well as a spiritual writer, I can't fail to appreciate how incredible it is that I find myself in this place at this time.It is the culminating moment in a very harsh process over the last months.

George Orwell's book warned of a bleak future in which the world found itself locked in a senseless eternal war based on lies and manipulations of a new world order government system. The populace found itself ruined economically by the governments mechanisms, and additionally found itself wholly monitored by government technologies. A grim scenario indeed.

There is little doubt that 2011 has been a year for much grim news and bitter deeds. The awful Fukushima nuclear event, triggered by an enormous earthquake, stands out as one major happening. We have seen countries slide into near bankruptcy, pushing gold through record barriers as investors flee markets in search of safety. Yet another illegal war has been started, this time in Africa with the invasion of Libya, as well as there being a number of CIA orchestrated and guided revolutions in the Middle East which pushed the region into wider unrest and instability favouring an oncoming invasion of the region. Drought, famine, disease, climatic shifts, natural disasters, war and rumours of war.

This 4-Ahau closes the third to last 260 day Tzolkin prior to 21-12-2012. To me this is intuitively an important point. I would not be surprised to see a noticeable shift in the way events are going forwards. That is not to say they will be more disastrous, but rather there will be more clear evidence that the darker elements of the change process, forces that seek evil ends, will start to become more visible to the general populace. Even as I write here the news rages about Murdoch and how the mass media is in bed with corrupt police and self promoting members of parliament. The distasteful face of corporate media is being better observed, eroding the trust so many have for what is obviously a very bias and controlled 'free' press.

The world is passing through a period in which it, all of us, must face the shadow self. This is the time of the great revealing. All that is hidden shall be revealed and made clear. All of our darkest secrets, most shameful actions, lowest intentions, will be show to everyone. The more we fight the process, the more we protect the the selfish and fear-filled aspects of the ego, the far more stormy the process will become. This is becoming recognisable both in the macrocosm of the global civilisation and also in the microcosm of our individuals lives.

I tend not to talk too much about my personal life or that of those around me. That said it is sometime important to use real world examples. With that in mind I will confide in my readers that my last 260 days have been generally agonising. My life has been stripped bear, its bones picked clean, the fires of change have toasted me slowly on a spit. I have been grabbed and held fast to face my shadow in the mirror of events. It is difficult to think of more than a handful of days in the last six months where I did not spend the entire day in a state of some form of distress and worry. Crumbling relationships in business and in family life, money issues from both within and outside the family, loss of home, loss of income, stressful undertakings for loved ones, angst from stupid mistakes, guilt, regret, worry, depression, anxiety and even intense anger and rage. 'Flame grilled' sums me up right now.

So here I now sit in this interesting place, essentially homeless and income-less, separated from family and my comfortable routines. If I was not aware of the need for all this to happen as part of the cosmic process swirling around us I would doubtless be very bitter rather than calm and accepting (which took a lot of internal work to achieve). It would be easy to shout about how unfair it has all been, but that would ignore the fact I must of brought the severity of the process onto myself by means of my own past actions or past states of mind. The chaos in my own life is the product of the shadow self, that bad wolf inside me that I foolishly chose to feed in past times.

Looking around me it is clear that 2011 has been rather like this for a great many of those folks I personally know. It is as though the wheat and chaff in our own lives is being carefully winnowed by some might force of consciousness. It is hard to meet many folks that have gone through the last 260 days mostly unaffected, and if so then either it is because they totally refused to face themselves (and thus have this all to come) or they really did not require such a violent shaking by the hand of fate so to be ready for the vibrations coming in at this time. I salute anyone that has so purified themselves in the fire of truth and honesty, wisdom and merit, so that they require little or no purification as the spiral of change tightens in towards 21-12-2012 and beyond.

This is the first time in six months that I have had the peace of mind enough to sit and write anything. From here on though I will be dedicating myself to a path of renewed commitment to greater self development as well as assisting other people with this spiritual growth process as much as I can. My intention is also to carry out deeper work with the symbols of the Tzolkin during the final two 260 day cycles starting on 21-07-2011 (5-Imix).

I do not doubt for a moment that there is more tough stuff to come but I feel that now there is a real chance that we can turn the tide of negativity prior to the gateway points of 21-12-2012 and 31-03-2013. There is a real chance of birthing a new golden age.

“Every person who has walked through the darkest point of the night, has made it to see the light of the dawn.”

I am hoping that some of you will join me in the exciting plans I have for the next Tzolkin cycle. I have now joined efforts with the members of the Pro-ject Love team and will be getting involved with their incredible efforts to birth a new more conscious society, as well as agreed to co-host a radio show on freethinkradio for another group of friends. Then there is my travel plans which include a return to Mexico, a spiritual retreat in Southern Spain and the intention to be at the Great Pyramid of Egypt for 11-11-11. Alongside this I will be offering up as much time as I can to speak about the supernatural and spiritual considerations to the 2012 subject at events and conferences whom feel I might add something. A special thanks to Truthjuice for getting me started with this challenging aspect to my spiritual journey.

May the next 260 days be interesting, exciting, and greatly beneficial.

With love to all beings

Bruce Fenton


sabbe satta avera hontu

By Bruce Fenton


The Tomb of Lord Pakal has been closed forever

 By Dr. Jose Jaramillo

Pakal Tomb

People still remember the day when Mexican Archeologist Alberto Ruz did the most important discovery ever in the history of my country. He discovered the tomb of the most important figure ever in the history of Mesoamerica. His name was King Lord Kinich Jaanab Pakal who was also known among his people as ‘Great Sun Shield.’ The day of this important discovery was set on June 15th 1952, which in the Mayan calendar was the day of ‘13 Owl kin 156.’


Before to continue I want to share with all my readers something that happened to me in the past on the exact day of August 11th, 2003. Starting this day I started receiving messages from Lord Pakal, this day in the Mayan calendar was the day of ‘3 Sun kin 120.’ For twenty days he instructed me about what I needed to do from that day all the way to the end of the great Mayan cycle. His instructions were: “My Brother and loyal friend you must need to have a radio show to promote Mayan spirituality and the importance of my great city and his knowledge within each stone, also you need to produce a film about the importance of the Mayan time science. And finally you should write 3 books about the ancient knowledge.” “But the most important thing that you should do is to bring people to my sacred place, all of those who can hear this message is because at one point in the past you and all of them were with me in my sacred place.”


When he give me this messages on August 11th 2003, day of ‘3 Sun kin 120,’ he told me that I was going to walk this planet first for a total of 1,320 days until the exact moment in time. And he told me: “My loyal friend you must do a ceremony on the forgotten temple to celebrate my 1,404 years since the time of my birth. You should do this ceremony to honor all children and elders of the world.” And yes, a group of 16 people and I we were there in his forgotten temple in his sacred place on the exact day of March 23rd 2007, the day in the Mayan calendar was ’10 Sun kin 140.’ We were celebrating his 27 cycles of 52 years since the time of his birth on March 23rd 603 AD, which in the Mayan calendar was the day ‘8 Sun kin 60’, so I did was he had told me.


Also he told me:  “After that day my loyal friend you need to walk for another 1,320 days along with all those brothers and sisters who can hear the voice of my prophecy until the exact moment in time, so all of those who can hear my voice can be witnesses of the closing of my tomb.” “And remember that always my messages come in sacred numbers for those who can hear the voice of my prophecy.” “For 3 days you must be witness of the closing of my tomb exactly after 21,320 days since the discovery of my tomb.”


I did what he had instructed me since August 11th 2003, so a group of nine brothers and sister and I we went to Palenque to do a special ceremonies. We started on October 29th, which was the day ’13 Owl kin 156’ until the day of the sacred fire ceremony on the day ‘4 Sun kin 160,’ which was the day November 2nd 2010 where it was the completion of the 1,320 days cycle since March 23rd 2007.




We were guided by a loyal and special keeper of the jungle Abraham to the forgotten temple, which his Mayan day sign is ‘8 Sun kin 60,’ same day sign as Lord Pakal. After our ceremony we found out through another keeper Yax Kin, which his Mayan day sign is ‘4 Earth kin 17’ that the tomb of Lord Pakal was definitely close on October 29th 2010, that day was the day ’13 Owl kin 156.’


Suddenly I was remembering very clearly his message, because that day was the 82 cycles of 260 days since Alberto Ruz discovered his tomb, which was exactly what he had told me in his message that after 21,320 days I was going to be a witness of the closing of his tomb. I was in shock and we all were celebrating because in that moment we knew that we need to trust in his voice which is the voice of his prophecy. It was very interesting to me to recognize that we were guided my two keepers, which his day sign of birth are in the south edge lid of Lord Pakal.


These works were carried out under the supervision of Roger Rivero Chong, Deputy Director of conservation of the Cultural heritage of the INAH and Restorer, and Abraham Roberto Sánchez Ramírez, head of the laboratory of structures and materials of the Institute of Engineering (II) of the UNAM.


These works of the closing of the tomb of Lord Pakal was somewhere between July and October of 2010. But on October 29th 2010, which in the Mayan calendar was the day of ‘13 Owl kin 156,’ the exact day when Alberto Ruz discovered his tomb on June 15th 1952. For four days they removed the pieces of wood that were supporting the lid of Lord Pakal, until the precise moment in time on November 2nd, 2010 the day of ‘4 Sun kin 160.’


In that moment we all understood that Lord Pakal chose us to be witnesses of the closing of his tomb. After many years of been in Mexico City, finally the rest of his bones were place back in his sacred tomb and his sarcophagus was seal forever.


Note: In other messages Lord Pakal is asking for those who can hear the voice of his prophecy that they all most need to be in Palenque by the next big ceremony on the exact moment in time from June 3rd to June 6th of 2012 for the 3 day retreat and the sacred fire ceremony during the Venus transit. For information on this ceremony please contact me at:


Dr. Jose Jaramillo


I want to include along with this article the article that explains everything about the closing of the tomb of Lord Pakal:



They sealed the tomb of Pakal in Palenque

Monday, 07 February 2011 20: 29 by Norberto Gutiérrez


To avoid an accident with the Rails which had suspended the tombstone of the tomb of Pakal, separating it from the sarcophagus containing the remains of the Mayan monarch, the devices were removed and the stone plaque returned to seal the vestiges, as had the Maya of the classic period 300 years ago mil.


The metal Rails, said Guillermo Bernal Romero, academic center of Maya studies of the Institute of philological research (IIFl) of the UNAM, were corroded by moisture characteristic of Palenque, Chiapas, and the passage of time, since they were installed after it discovered the archaeologist Alberto Ruz Lhuillier, in 1952, the Tomb within the Temple of the inscriptions.

Suspend the tombstone and separate the sarcophagus was necessary then to analyze the regalia, glyphs, reliefs and other inscriptions in both funerary pieces.


But, currently, archaeologists have sufficient samples and data to study the Tomb without running the risk that the rails are broken and let drop the gravestone on the sarcophagus, with consequential damage to one of the most significant archaeological treasures of Palenque. For this reason, specialists of this married studies and the National Institute of anthropology and history (INAH) they withdrew.


Between July and October of 2010, they were replaced by wooden beams, to then place the stone directly on the sarcophagus, as did the Mayans. The work required nearly 40 hours of ground maneuvers within the burial chamber, and managed to put on its original site the tombstone, a monolithic slab of seven tons of weight, 2.20 meters wide and 3.60 meters long, this was exactly on the day October 29th, 2010.


These works were carried out under the supervision of Roger Rivero Chong, Deputy Director of conservation of the Cultural heritage of the INAH and Restorer, and Abraham Roberto Sánchez Ramírez, head of the laboratory of structures and materials of the Institute of Engineering (II) of the UNAM.


Closed to the public since 2004


Although since 2004 visitors cannot enter to the burial chamber in the archaeological site of Palenque, there are two exact replicas to let the public know this maya vestige, explained Bernal Romero."One of them is in the National Museum of anthropology, in the city of Mexico, where is also the original regalia which covered the remains of King Pakal." "The other, her build in the museo de sitio Alberto Ruz Lhuillier in the archaeological site of Palenque", explained.Maya Graphology specialist found that the closure to the public is an adequate measure of conservation, because the massive entrance to the burial chamber and extreme humidity of the site have caused serious damage in the stucco that surrounds the Tomb. "Closed to the public, remains the level of temperature and moisture, preventing further damage." "And the replicas offers the public a clear and didactic idea of this Mayan vestige", was completed.

By Bruce Fenton


TruthjuiceHopefully you will find something of interest amongst the many subjects I touched on during this two hour talk. It ranged through 2012, psychic phenomona, DMT and Atlantis.



By Bruce Fenton


ARC Bath 2011ARC Conference

As with the last two of these conferences I am looking forward to my trip down to Bath to listen to the outstanding speakers that Karen Sawyer has gathered together. I strongly advise getting a ticket and joining us down there as these are the best alternative meet-up events going. Great venue, great atmosphere and outstanding speakers.

Visit the events main site and book your tickets now for the Saturday & Sunday or reserve a place to watch it all live online.

We also had the pleasure of interviewing Karen for our Podcast



Schedule of Events




9.00 – 9.20am: Welcome address


9.30 – 11am: Robert MossSoul Remembering, Soul Recovery…

                                 Dreaming the Soul Back Home




11.15 – 12.45pm: Andrew GoughThe Esoteric Flight of the Bee





1.45 – 3.45pm: Andrew Johnson – The Case for Antigravity




4pm – 5.30pm: Kevin P MillerHow to be a Truth-Teller in a Dangerous Age


* Everybody out of the venue while soundchecking and preparing for the evening gig. Doors open again at 8pm.


8.30 – late: Musical Entertainment (to be announced)





9.00 – 10am: Anne HassettThe Secret Power of the F-Word




10.15 – 12.15: Alan WilsonThe Murder of Britain




1.30 – 3.30: Robert Moss Workshop: Introduction to Shamanic Lucid Dreaming




3.45pm – 4.45pm: Open discussion


*5pm leave venue



Please Note:

The programme schedule will not be fixed in stone – although we have done our best to outline a schedule, due to the unpredictable and spontaneous nature of human beings (and life in general) we cannot absolutely guarantee that any particular speaker will speak at a set time on a specific day. To avoid disappointment, please book your ticket for both days!


By Bruce Fenton


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