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Cheltenham Paranormal Festival2012 & The Paranormal

This Saturday 05/02/2011 I will be giving a one hour talk on the subjects covered by my website, namely 2012 and all the weird things that connect to the popular meme.

I will be covering some of my personal experience such as a time slip to a Maya temple in 675AD and my remote viewing of 21-12-2012. Of course I will be talking about lots of other aspects of the subject and mentioning many of the great researchers.

This is just a part of Cheltenham Paranormal Festival and there will be many other exciting and mind expanding events around the town.

If you would like to hear me however please organise tickets for the Playhouse Theatre, Bath Road, Cheltenham asking for Bruce Fenton's 2012 talk at 4pm.

The main events page can be visited by clicking here.

I look forward to seeing some of you in the audience!

By Bruce Fenton


Galactic Alignment 2012Galactic Alignment December 2012 - Planetary Alignment 21-12-2012 - Dark Rift Conjunction -Winter Solstice 11 11 Event

The subject of 2012 galactic alignment, planetary alignment, cosmic alignment and dark rift alignment all refer to an event on December 21st 2012when the Long Count Calendar used by the ancient Meso-American peoples such as the Maya, Aztec, Toltec and Olmec will end one great cycle of 13 Baktun (5125.26 years). The creators of this system were able to calculate and track interesting cycles of nature such as solar eclipse, galactic alignment and planetary alignments going even beyond 2012.

For the full story of the real meaning of the Maya Calendar and the Galactic Alignment event, and indeed details of all the events about to occur for our planet, you can simply securely order our entire 404 page book '2012 Rising The Last Tzolkin' (Sept 2012) as an e-book for just $2.99 by clicking on the PayPal box below (you can choose to pay a higher price if you wish to support us in future projects). If however you really just want to know about the 2012 Galactic Alignment, read on below.

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The length of sub-cycles matched natural cycles such as human gestation local snakes shedding their teeth as well as the number of human digits and major joints. They understood the orbits of the observable planets and knew the lengths of each ones journey around the sun. The minds behind this system gave birth to some 24 separate calendar systems capable of tracking both astronomical and non-astronomical cycles within nature.

The winter solstice of 2012 will occur at 11:11 GMT on of course 21-12-2012 the same day the Long Count flips over. On that morning the sun will appear to rise into the patch of sky we refer to as the galactic centre or nuclear bulge. It is the location of the super-massive black hole at the centre of rotation for the Milky Way galaxy.

In itself the appearance of the sun rising here is not a particularly unique event. The phenomena can be observed for winter solstice dates of numerous years either side of 2012. The only interesting new aspect of this year will be the sun appearing to just touch one part of the Dark Rift (Great Rift) that snakes its way along the Galactic Equator. This is an area of the night sky considered important to Maya cosmology most notably with respect to spiritual rebirth mythologies. It will however take some two decades or so to travel completely through this dark region of the sky.

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Solar (R)evolution

Solar (R)evolution.

Although commonly known as the ‘Galactic Alignment’ the correct term for the event should really be the ‘Galactic Conjunction’. Astronomical alignments refer to three celestial objects in shared orientation. Astronomical Conjunction is an alignment of two cosmic objects or bodies as seen from the Earths perspective.

For a simple example we can imagine three planets in alignment. The factuality of this event would not be effected by your location in the solar system. Whether you are stood on the moon by the American flag poles or on the Earth at the north or south poles the three planets would still be aligned, your individual position would not matter. When an alignment, such as that of the Sun and the Dark Rift, is only happening from the perspective of the Earth then it is a Conjunction. This is clearly the case for the Galactic Alignment 2012 calendar end-date.

Galactic Alignment 2012It is true that this will be the first time in almost 26,000 years that the Sun will appear to connect with part of the Dark Rift. It is also fair to say that this lacks the excitement of some of the false theories regarding 2012 astronomy events. We can not say that the Sun will be perfectly aligned with the galactic centre or with the middle of the Dark rift. It is rather just somewhere between the two regions of the sky. Interesting yes, but not what I would exactly call dramatic or exciting to see.

Let us just quickly clear up some common errors.

 The solar system does travel in a wave pattern as it circles the centre of the Milky Way during a 250,000,000 year period but will not cross the mid-plane or disc of our galaxy in 2012. We are currently around 30 million years above this plane and moving further away from it.

There is not an alignment of all or indeed even of several planets on 21-12-2012. Jupiter and Saturn will however be involved in an astrological formation known as a Yod (finger of God).

The Solar system will not be any closer to the Galactic core in 2012 than on any other year, or in any way in a position which might affect gravity levels between us and the Milky Way’s central black hole.

There is no evidence of us aligning with the infamous but wholly mythical photon belt with a location said to be marked by the star Alcyone. We are certainly not orbiting this star in the Pleiades system as some 2012 writers have additionally claimed.

galactic alignmentNow we have ascertained just what is involved in the conjunction on 21-12-2012 it is worth clarifying the mechanics of the process. What causes the view of the sky to change and shifts the solstice sunrise position relative to the celestial bodies?


The answer to this is in fact a phenomenon known as precession, or precession of the equinox. During a cycle of somewhere between 25,600 and 25,800 years our view of the constellations shifts in a 360-degree circular motion.

The movement of the Earth’s axis (and by default the solstice and equinox points) occurs at the rate of approximately 1-degree every 71.5 years of this cycle. This is sometimes know as the Platonic or Great Year and is the driving force of so-called astrological ages.

There are two theories posited to explain this shift in the view of the stars on the horizon from the Earth. The most widely excepted theory is the Luni-Solar model, which holds the cause to be the Moon’s gravity pulling on the Earth and causing it to slowly wobble on its axis as it rotates. The second theory is the binary model, which explains precession as caused by our sun orbiting a binary twin not yet detected by telescopes. Most likey it would have to be either a Brown Dwarf Star or small black hole (both hard to detect).

It is sometimes noted in respect to 2012 information that many scientists’ state there was a very close conjunction of the sun and galactic equator on the winter solstice of 1998/99. Due to the width of the sun being half a degree in the sky the crossing of the entire solar disc through the equator will take 36 years in total. This gives us a period from 1980 to 2016 possibly of significance. The biggest problem with placing importance on this event is that we have no idea exactly where the Maya would have considered the plane of the Galaxy to be. The Maya data seems to suggest they were far more interested with the Great rift than the Galactic Plane anyway.

One theory that makes sense in light of the aural, written and carved history of the Maya is that they were interested in a period of time surrounding 21-12-2012 rather than just that single day. If we take a single degree of precession centred upon this date we then have a window of time running from 1976 through to 2048. An expert on Meso-American calendars that I consulted agreed with me that such a theory is not unreasonable to hypothesise based on his understanding of Maya cosmological thinking.

It is important to note that the year 2012 is not only the year the calendar system ends a major cycle but also a year including a rare Venus conjunction. The Maya and other ancient calendar scholars would certainly have considered conjunctions of the sun and Venus very special. Venus holds a uniquely important place in the planetary mythology of these peoples.

To calculate their occurrence into the future is extremely difficult. It seems these people managed to do just this however as it seems likely they deliberately targeted 2012 at least in part due to this other event. Interestingly this conjunction occurs on 6-6-2012 then just months later on 28-03-2013 the Maya Venus-Sun calendar will finish a 104-year round.

As for cosmic energy having physical effects on Earth in 2012, we can only say that the events described here do not lend themselves at all to any clear logical reason why 21-12-2012 would be unlike any other day. There are however other 2012 avenues to explore not related to the 21-12-2012 conjunction.


Part 2

By Bruce Fenton

Notes from the edge TimesNotes From The Edge Times

Since first becoming aware of Daniel Pinchbeck way back in the early part of the last decade I have followed the progression of his adventures and literary works. Thus far I have enjoyed all of his books. The latest offering is no exception. Actually I think I enjoyed reading this book more than I did his ’2012 The Year of the Mayan Prophecy’, it was certainly a lighter read for me anyway.

Notes From The Edge Times is actually a collection of essays from the last four years rather than a current investigative piece. This form of research and evaluation log, actually worked very well as a way of conveying just how radical the last four years have been. This recorded evolution of world events and indeed the authors thinking during this period, make for an excellent yardstick for us to check our own journeys by.

The initial part of the book deals with deep consideration of what has gone wrong with human civilisation on this planet and the possibilities for bringing a positive shift away from our destructive path. We are reminded that we have incredible tools for correcting our collective malaise. If we could but reclaim the global media from are rather unhelpful ruling elite it would be a rather effective tool for ensuring a progressive communal vision could be manifested globally. It is quite plausible that the vast majority of the planet could be brought into a more harmonious way of approaching current challenges. Just think what a difference it would be if televisions and radios all over the Earth were used to share a message about the human souls potential and to supply the cutting edge wisdom on best addressing planetary concerns.

In past works Pinchbeck has tackled issues of human behaviour and culture with special reference to sexuality. In this work we are once again asked to consider whether we need a new sexual revolution akin to that of the 1960′s but from a more mature perspective. There is little doubt that human sexual energy is a major driving force of civilisations. Even product advertising is generally based around sexual imagery and sexual desires. It often seems that men are encouraged to see women as playthings or objects of desire rather than emotional beings and fellow equal human beings. The fact men ar encouraged through film and video game to thing in a predatory and emotionally cold manner towards women is examined. I must admit that I sometimes wonder whether games like Manhunt (playing the role of a serial killer) may be precursors to games where men take the role of serial rapists or stalkers, if tearing another human to pieces is now considered relatively normal entertainment then how long before sexual assault is placed into the same category?

Eastern philosophies are suggested as usable tools for reversing this negative trend in sexual thought. Tantra, Taoism and Alchemy are all systems by which cooperation and respect become fundamental to sexual relationships whilst also bringing about greater self realisation.

There are interesting essays on the war on terror and financial mismanagement. Within these we are encouraged to consider what might be the end game of seemingly endless warfare and uber ridiculous financial systems. Why are we attempting to fight a conventional war (often using private corporate forces) against an enemy which has no standing army, no state to defeat and no conventional military assets?

Can such an endeavour truly even be called a war or have a solution through what we think of as warfare?

In respect to the banking calamity we are asked to consider the role of central banks and their ability to create money [debt] out of thin air as well as the manner in which they dictate social changes in countries around the world, often very negative changes.

I recently saw Pinchbeck speak at a conference in Mexico. It was very clear that he is a generalist like myself rather than deeply attached to the subject of the 2012 meme. He talked about global conspiracies and supernormal affairs with the air of a man that spends many hours in many strange places on the web. It was then perhaps not so surprising for me that his essays also take interesting sojourns into such territory. There are essays on the UFO subculture with it’s ever receding carrot of long vaunted imminent public disclosure, secret weapons projects and sinister technologies such as HAARP and whether New Age thinking is itself a way of keeping people from real activity likely to bring about systematic changes. All of these short essays made for very interesting territory for the open minded reader. With his contacts in these areas he brings to us some of the thinking of those at the cutting edge of researching such matters. A key part of this pondering is consideration by him of how best to go about researching conspiracies without being sidetracked from positive thinking and meaningful activity aimed at making our world more pleasant rather than just seemingly more scary. This to me is an important topic to address as all too often people feel they must be in one camp or the other, which seems to me to be something of a lost opportunity for greater personal growth.

As with past books by Daniel Pinchbeck there is some debate on the role of psychedelics in bringing about constructive shifts in human conscious awareness. We are asked to consider whether it might not be prudent to have these powerful chemical tools in our collective reach for such moments as would be appropriate. There is no push to ram powerful herbs down peoples throats, merely to take a sensible position in which we stop writing off these plants and chemicals as being wholly bad things and instead see them like all our legally available medicines, good in certain situations and bad in others. We are also reminded that many great thinkers have found these substances to be extremely beneficial to their personal progression, even the discovery of the DNA structure was in part brought about by a LSD experience had by Professor Crick!

Notes From The Edge Times contains 33 contemplative essays as well as a personal afterword from the author which is dedicated to the memory of his deceased father and how that man’s life has been a profound influence. It is not possible of course for me to cover in detail each subject and here I have addressed just a selection that stand out to me from my reading of the book. Some that I should also at least mention in brief are the essays on non-violent action, transition towns and new currency models, orbs in photos, the Norway Spiral as a harbinger of change and the collapse of the banking system. There is also an informative piece on the unfolding journey of the Evolver network and social movement, I would like to just add that I am very much a supporter of the Evolver Social Network as a place for alternative thinkers and progressives to meet and connect.

Personally I found this to be an innovative book which is easy to read and extremely helpful. Though is very different in approach and scope to anything we have previously seen from this well informed writer, I am quite sure that people will enjoy it just as much as his past works. If you would like to order a copy please just click here.

By Bruce Fenton


Earth4AllToday marks the two year point prior to the end of the 13th Bak'tun of the ancient Maya Long Count calendar system. It is of course also the winter solstice and one blessed by a total lunar eclipse. So what better time to launch a new project?

Earth4All online magazine was an idea given birth to following my short experience working on the Truebook social network project. Having realised that Truebook was simply a very weak version of the already popular Evolver social network, one which I fully endorse as an alternative to Facebook. I thus decided that my energies were better placed elsewhere. Another idea that had been bubbling up from my subconscious for a while was a multi-media platform and e-zine presenting alternative and fringe subject matter.

The domain was registered on 10-10-10 and the next major update was undertaken on 11-11-10 at the start of the peak in novelty predicted by the Timewave Zero system. Maybe I am superstitious but I do like certain numbers, especially dates with numerology meanings, to be incorporated into my writing work. So it seemed only right that the official launch should be on 21-12-2010 so as not to break the theme of the gestation of the infant magazine project. Why not work with the energies the way my gut tells me to, as generally it has worked out well in the end to do so.

Earth4All has a currently expanding team behind it made up of writers, researchers, film makers and others. We are still looking to work with a few more and those not working with us will be invited on our radio channel or to allow us to share their articles. The idea is to bring together a plethora or voices in the alternative research community and unite the viewing public in one place where they can find helpful information on myriad subjects. Also a place they feel confident is not controlled by sinister interests!

So I invite you all to join us on a new journey and maybe to consider contacting me and discussing working together in some way. We are open to your suggestions and ideas as we move things forwards.

4 races of man, 4 kingdoms of beings, 4 directions, 4 elements and Earth 4 All.

By Bruce Fenton


Timewave zero 11-11Timewave Zero Peak in Novelty 11-11-2010 I-Ching, DNA & Fractal Reality

There has been a great deal of chatter about 11-11 over the last few years. It has started to seep through the entire alternative research community and is already firmly embedded in the minds of many fringe thinkers. There are numerous reasons for people to be drawn to this number pattern, or conversely for this number pattern to be drawn to certain individuals by means of mystical synchonicity.


For the full story of the real meaning of the Maya Calendar ending and the Galactic Alignment event, and indeed details of all the events about to occur for our planet, you can simply securely order our entire 404 page book '2012 Rising The Last Tzolkin' (Sept 2012) as an e-book version for just $2.99 (Print version price is $24.99) by clicking on the PayPal box below (you can choose to pay a higher price if you wish to support us in our projects). Current article continues below.

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In the last few days there have been several initiatives based on the fact the date 11-11-2010 was coming up. These have drawn thousands of people together in meditation. That tells us there is something very special about 11-11 and for some reason this year unlike others the date 11th November has felt somehow super special. Well that might not be far from the truth as it happens.

Way back in the early 1970's the now legendary Terrence McKenna and his brother Dennis, took a trip (pardon the pun) to the Amazon to explore a little known psychedleic concoction. We now know this to be Ayahuasca, the brew from the 'Vine of Souls'.

The brew catapulted them into the other-world where dwell spirit beings and free standing information constructs able to synegize with, and download directly into, human consciousness. Known as a plant teacher by those who have held it sacred for millenia this concoction provide revelations for the McKenna brothers which changed the course of their lives forever. One of these revelations was that the ancient King Wen sequence of the Chinese I-Ching prophetic system was far more than what it seemed to be.

Terence studied the I-Ching intently and was struck by the pattern it worked to. Each hexagram was made of six lines, either broken or solid. The first in the sequence being six unbroken lines, the second being 6 broken lines, however after this the majority work as pairs where the second hexagram is the same as the first but rotated by 180 degrees.

It is important to note that the number 64 also happens to be the number of codons in the RNA codon table and in mathematics 64 is considered to be a super-perfect number (for reasons beyond my ability to explain).

Terence knew that in much of Asia the I-Ching system with the accompanying hexagram interpretations was considered to be a tool for personal prophecy. What he needed to do was crack was the code behind it and discover what had made it become so important that it had weathered for thousands of years in a place of honour among men.

Eventually he made the breakthrough he needed and by flipping and superimposing the entire sequence he was able to create an interesting pattern of peaks and valleys. Then taking his finding and using a computer he created a graph based on the averages of the peaks and troughs. This created what we now know as the Timewave.

Where it all becomes interesting and relevant to folks today is when we use the system to plot against our human time-line and beyond. Terence had decided that the system should be mapped against major events that would coincide with massive changes in novelty, these would have to be things that had not happened before or were sufficiently earth shattering so as to be considered truly novel in our time-line. On such event was the use of nuclear bombs on populated cities. Matching the wave with the horror of the nuclear attack on Japan allowed the system to suddenly mesh with all of our recorded history in an astonishingly accurate pattern.

It was found that one could pan in and out to find the same wave pattern superimposed over thousands of years or just a few days. It was then that the system revealed itself to be in fact fractal (repeating through macroscopic and microscopic consideration).

One important thing to mention is that peaks in novelty actually show as troughs in the wave pattern rather than peaks.

Where is all this going you ask, and what on earth does it have to do with 11-11?

Well there remain just two major peaks in novelty, the final one climaxes on 21-12-2012 the end of the Maya Calendar and coincidentally the day of a winter solstice that occurs at exactly 11:11am GMT. The second to last novelty peak begins on 11-11-2012 and flattens back out around 14-01-2011. The centre point then being mid December 2010.

This raises the question of why so many people felt that 11-11-2010 was so very important and yet I saw no articles being quoted that mentioned the Timewave theory in respect to this?

Are the alternative community members somehow tuning in to the hidden cosmic fractal fabric of reality and some great bump in the road event just a couple of dozen days ahead of us?

That is indeed my suspicion and I look forward to finding out what exactly it might be and whether it be good or bad for the future of this human time-line.

Please do take the time to read this excellent explanatory article on the Timewave Zero theory with new revisions and possibilities examined. Also another excellent analisys of this and the webbot project is provided by Rohaan at Emergent Culture. You will note that in some opinions the date should be revised to the 14th of November, however I am sticking with Terence on this one.

N.B. I will likely bulk this article out more later but was keen to have it posted on this auspicious day so that people were made aware of its importance beyond simply being a nice sounding numerical date.

By Bruce Fenton


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