Kuan Yin Female BuddhaThe Examination of practices for Being 2012 prepared - Meditation

Do you already feel convinced by the evidence that something is happening as we approach the Maya Calendar date of 21-12-2012?

Do you perhaps desire to move deeper into the hidden mystical and alchemical aspects of the 2012 topics?

Do you perhaps desire to participate more fully in any upgrade of our race and civilisation?

For those of us already largely convinced by evidence or willing to play a hunch, deeper engagement with any change process is the natural next step in our 2012 journey.

There has generally been a huge lack of education on subjects such as Eastern Spirituality, metaphysical philosophy and ancient wisdom in our schools or colleges. Hearing about some great spiritual change happening around us does not mean we have all of the required tools ready!

 To be a functioning part of the expected events some of us have to go to spiritual boot camp first. That has certainly been the experience of many, including myself.

Probably the key understandings to grow within us is just what is it that can change, what it is that suffers from change, and how we find that which suffers within ourselves and convert it into something more refined and stable. Whether the process is set in the year 2012 or right here and now matters little. For me then the first more esoteric 2012 subject has to be exploration of the mind through meditation.

When I talk about suffering I do so in the Buddhist sense rather than the need for suffering in any conjured great disaster ahead. For many of us sufferings come easy enough, we do not need to have some imagined future catastrophe to feel it. For many of us suffering can be attached to our career, home life or some mental tortures brought about by perceived lacks. Any changes on the horizon can also cause the mind to suffer.

In some eastern philosophy we find the portrayal of the mind as being something like a glass of muddy water. The more we sway it about the murkier it gets as the dirt swills around. When we place the glass on a table and wait patiently, the mud settles down and the water is clear again.

The mind is at first like the dirty water whilst meditation is the action of putting it on the table and waiting patiently to settle.

Another analogy is that of six wild animals tied together by ropes. At any one time the strongest animal pulls all the rest in the direction it wishes to go. Here the wild animals are the human senses and meditation is the action of hammering a stake into the knot at the centre of the six ropes.

There are numerous forms of meditation and the close relatives such as visualisation and mantra recitation. There is no room here to detail all of them and in fact to do much more than deal with one or two would do more harm than good as it would likely add confusion. Meditation is best learned with a teacher present so for a wider selection it is suggested one seek out a reputable instructor near to your home location.

If 2012 is a time of some kind of consciousness shift then exploration of consciousness is the first logical step. We need to come to a personal understanding of what is meant by that word. Read any dictionary scientific explanation of that words meaning and it becomes quickly clear NOBODY is able to give you an authoritative answer. They can point in its general direction but will leave you to find out for yourself. That remains the only way to make any reasonably satisfactory conclusions on its nature.

We know that it is a matter of scientific understanding that both thoughts and the mind itself are completely non-physical. There is nothing to place under a conventional microscope all we can detect is electrical field activity within the brain. In fact we also know from scientific investigations of atomic matter that we are made up of over 99.9% empty space rather than anything physical. The conventional sciences we all likely learned previously, deal with only the other 0.1% of our reality, selves and environment.

If there was ever a recipe for humanity getting blind-sided by some massive change in the near future then surely that is it right there!

Most of what we think of as ‘us’ actually falls under the realms of quantum physics and physics laws governing the vacuum domains where we find phenomena like ball lightning and atmospheric sprites. In those strange worlds particles can teleport, interact beyond light speed, or pop into existence from nowhere. Very peculiar laws govern our minds and inner selves, which suggest the possibility of great abilities encoded within us down at the most basic levels.

To directly experience this level we have to turn away from our usual mental chatter. We have to learn knowledge first but then we have to take pauses to integrate any new discoveries. Just knowing about something amazing is not necessarily the same as integrating it into our daily reality.  To do this we meditate with the right intention of allowing our positive discoveries and lessons to change us more permanently.

Ancient Khmer Spiritual temple CarvingTo touch that quiet part of ourselves ancient masters advise us to take certain basic steps. They are all within the capability of any lucid adult and older children. First we recognise that there is possibly a part of ourselves we have been unaware of, or perhaps just unsure of how to reach. Then we are advised to take aside some set quiet time to conduct our own scientific investigation of the phenomena in question. Every one of us has a human mind to examine right at hand!

The most straightforward method of meditation I know of is commonly known as breathing meditation. The Buddhists refer to it as ‘Vipassana’ which translates roughly as ‘insight meditation’. Presented here is that form of meditation, as I understand it from certain Buddhist monks currently teaching it.

Lacking a real human to sit with and learn from this may at least offer a basic start for any of us with very little or even no previous meditation practical experience. To summarise the teaching in brief we can state the following suggestions.

First we find a space that we can use free from disturbances and clutter and ensure we can be undisturbed for at least 20 minutes, ideally. Optimum is to clear a place that we feel is liberating or spiritual. It may be as simple as hanging a certain picture there or placing some items from nature around. Burning incense is a very common pleasant choice.

Sitting comfortably with a straight spine is important. Whether to sit cross-legged on the floor or up on a chair can be a matter for each meditator to resolve. Sit in a way that will not soon cause agony, as you will render the task impossible otherwise.

Breathing should be natural but relaxed and if it feels natural then perhaps somewhat slower than usual. Do not spend time forcing special breathing and become distracted on that aspect of the process.

Allow each muscle group in the body to slowly relax by conscious decision one area at a time until you are as free from body tensions as possible. Check for any obvious discomfort and deal with it gently.

Close the eyes almost fully with them looking very slightly downward and ahead. If you like a meditation object can be place at the point where you eyes will be rested. It is not however essential to have any special objects.

Still breathing normally in a relaxed manner it is suggested that we begin to search with our mind for the spot at which we feel the air moving in or out of our nostrils. We identify the area of skin that actually feels the air passing over it wither at the lip or within the nose. Go into that feeling.

As we breathe we focus all of our attention through direct sensory experience attached to that one simple sensation. It may take a little time to find but each of us will be able to find it with patience.

It may amaze some of us at times how quickly the mind wander away from this simple task. Suddenly we are thinking about the cooking or some fantasy rather than watching the breath. Alternatively we may be noticing some itch or ache that suddenly is bothering us. Either way we have slipped of task and gently bring ourselves back.

It is not a failure just a sign for how restless our minds can be in normal mode. Remember that it takes time for the mud to settle in the glass. Gently become aware of whatever you find yourself diverted by and allow it to just be without any judgement or analysis. Take the mind back to the sensation of the breath.

If this process is followed on a daily basis it does become easier and we begin to experience moments where the mind quiets and we notice that we are not worried or in any way feeling some need for an external event to occur.

Meditation in this form allows us to encounter the quiet part of ourselves that exists in the more refined levels of our being. The experience of not worrying becomes more of a part of us as we contact the inner part of us that seems to emanate calm. There is a feeling that at some level there is sensible evidence for not being worried about anything mundane around us.

After one feels that continuing would take to much forcing, but preferably after a sensible period, we can gently bring the mind back to awareness of the body and on to awareness of the room again then terminate that session of practice. If it feels right to do so then give thanks to any energy system you feel may be near by. Perhaps simply congratulate yourself for giving it a first try.

We are advised to try this on a daily basis at a similar time each day. Then we begin to get results at the most rapid pace possible. Of course the longer the session the more productive it is as long as it is done well each time.

Buddhist Temple LaosThere are millions of people in the world who will vouch for this method and the incredible results possible. The endgame of sorts is being 100% at one with all aspects of the self and existence etc. Well before that huge gains are made.

For many people psychic abilities or highly increased intuition and mental ability come into awareness. Certainly increased calm and resilience are very widely reported from meditators.

Is it surprising to think that the part of us that resides in the other unseen 99.9% of reality is not much phased by whether we are getting fired tomorrow or our house got repossessed?

There is not is simply sticking ones head in the sand and pretending everything will be fine doing nothing at all. In fact most of those who meditate report gaining an inner drive to do specific actions that later prove to bring optimal results in their lives. Something comes out of the meditation session unseen and feeds our sense of direction. Alongside that comes the ability to accept things as they are in any present moment. Life is lived in the now rather than in daydreams of our past or future.

A friend of mine and I had a running joke when we were discussing our misfortunes, it was centred on the phrase we coined, “turn your breakdowns into a breakthrough".  Meditation actually allows that to become the structure of the psychological reality we live in. If any one course will open the door to understanding  deeper topics linked to 2012 such as a consciousness shift, then surely this is it?

Preparation is the only way to avoid the mind suffering from a perceived threat in the future.

When we are ready for anything we worry about nothing. When we are ready for nothing we worry about everything.

The beauty of the 2012 change subject, or 2012 phenomena as it is sometimes called, is that it harnesses several subject areas which in themselves offer us amazing skills, abilities and mental paradigms. These seem just the things necessary to adapt our current selves to change. Even if no radical change was ahead many of us would possibly still do well to attempt fuller and happier personal lives.

One of the greatest truisms I learned many times over was in the old proverb, “When the lesson is ready to be learnt, the teacher will appear.”

I think responsible 2012 sites have to provide straightforward helpful information alongside the general subject overviews. Most of us are at the point where we want to take direct action rather than merely learn new information continually. Hopefully by tackling as many as possible of the methods and practices suggested for 2012 preparation we can all find something new and helpful?

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By Bruce Fenton

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