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During the last few years the world has made enormous leaps forward in some areas of scientific understanding and methods of preserving life on this planet. Conversely we have also seen civilisation collectively lurching towards the precipice of social and economic collapse, in fact it is likely that within the next month or maybe two we will see the catastrophic break up of the EU and a US dollar collapse with run away inflation – don't take my word for it merely investigate the many expert voices making warnings on those subjects. Also we all now find ourselves facing a very obvious climate shift, freak weather and bizarre environmental happenings are now daily news. Change is in the air, but it ain't all pretty.

The global media has however not done much to share the far more worrying developments that many of the researchers in the fringe have been desperately trying to share with the planet. We have seen some incredible occurrences during the last year alone, not to mention during the last few years. 2012 opened with strange grating sounds coming from the sky, bizarre underground hums and booms along with non tectonic plate related earth tremors. Animals in there tens of thousands died in anomalous cluster die off's, especially fish and birds but large groups of dolphins and whales also. Rivers turned red, long extinct volcanoes activated, new species appeared, old ones vanished, notable earthquakes began in areas traditionally not active and we had the largest strike-thrust quake ever recorded followed by the second largest ever aftershock. Perhaps most notable of all in some folks minds is the increasing signs that the magnetic field of the earth is changing rapidly in advance of some kind of magnetic pole shift, with the secondary effect of allowing extreme vulnerability to an influx of energy from space, and it is not only Earth that seems to be shifting.

In space the sun gave us the signs that things were getting really weird, with a Jupiter sized plasma spheroid growing from it by a umbilical chord of plasma storms that finally shot off into space, only to be replaced the following day by the incredible going triangular black hole that covered most of the face of the sun. Though weird in themselves, both of these were images recorded by the ancients, the symbol of a giant triangle on the face of the sun is engraved on numerous ancient objects and even displayed in much church artwork. The idea of the sun giving birth is also found in ancient lore, notably that of the ancient Maya peoples of Central America. Could it be that the birth of the new sun, that they refer to, is not a figurative term related to a change of an age, but is rather very much literal? Are we seeing a real death and rebirth of our sun in the 2012 to early 2013 period? Beyond the sun climate change seems to be gripping all of the planets of the solar system, and tantalising evidence points towards a great perturbing influence out there, potentially a galactic super-wave of energy arriving from the centre of the Milky Way galaxy. Could this lead to a massive solar storm as the current solar magnetic field cycle reaches its peak in the next few months?

It was for all these reasons and many more that we set out to research and write this book which finally became public today, on the 11th anniversary of the twin towers tragedy, an event that was in many ways was the greatest sign that humanity was approaching a great shift. In the course of writing the book I became even more convinced of the reality of the threat mankind faced, even though I had been running a 2012 shift centred website for half a decade and was well versed in the topic. Before I could put the last word in this investigative manuscript something else happened, a channel opened up to the ancient Maya themselves and through them onto the true source of their great wisdom, a race of humanoids from a system located in the direction of the Pleiades. As incredible as that sounds the information they provided us by what must be called 'supernormal means' had been tested by us and found to be correct, and much more of it is regarding oncoming events that will effect this planet during the next few months. Though the peak of the shift may well come around December of 2012, things will be extremely tumultuous all the way up until at least 31-3-2013. If we are all to collectively make it through this multi-faceted cosmic challenge, and in a way that is not overly harrowing, we have to take sensible precautions immediately and be prepared mentally, physically, and most importantly spiritually.

Until now I did not write and release any books on 2012, despite being involved for many years and having a popular website that would have allowed me large sales, the reason was that I felt that my message was not unique and in itself essential. I find myself however now on the eve of December 2012 releasing such a book, the reason being that I consider it to be extremely important and containing information I have not encountered from any other source. It may not make 'business sense' to leave writing a book on 2012 until so late, but this is not about business, it is about humanity being given hope. There is no time for fear, we must stand strong and overcome adversity. Bringing this book to the public has cost me almost everything, home, business, money, friends and even a move to a new continent, indeed it almost cost me my life on more than one occasion. This is a message that already cost one 2012 writer his life. Those readers that have followed my journey will know that I wear my heart on my sleeve having shared very personal details of my life on route to 2012, some of it really quite bizarre, and I have called out bullshit where I have felt it right to do so. I ask you now to tune in on what I am saying and ask yourself whether you feel that this message is genuine and is intended for you. My job now is done, if this message is meant to be shared it is by you, the readers, that it will spread across the globe to those meant to heed the final warnings gathered from scientists and from the ancient inhabitants of the city of Palenque under the rule of the hybrid kind, Lord Janaab Pakal.

If there is one message emphasised to us as most important it is that the ancient Maya rulers are not dead, and as the planet shifts on its axis they are about to return to us in the flesh.

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By Bruce Fenton

2012 Rising The Last Tzolkin