Last Tzolkin

Chapter 1 - The New Atlantis & Living in Prophetic Times



There is no mystery tale from the annals of ancient history more enthralling and thought provoking than that of a long lost advanced civilization, named Atlantis. In the mythological tale of once great Atlantis, we encounter a vast civilization and a deeply spiritual culture. The people of Atlantis were said to have reached an understanding of natural sciences and spiritual mechanics far beyond that which we have achieved today. Their technology was different to ours, though with many overlaps, they too used crystal technology, just as we use silicon chip crystal in our computing abilities. The craft and vehicles they had may have also been different to ours, but they managed to trade with the world and map the surface of the Earth. Essentially we can summarise that though it was not identical to the present global civilisation, we are like the future echo of once great, and proud, Atlantis. Pride comes before the fall, or so the saying goes.

Despite having an advanced science and a deep appreciation for the laws of nature, even with a fundamental inclusion of spiritual philosophy, Atlantis still fell out of harmony with the cosmic cycles, missing the warning signs of impending doom, and eventually in just a few days they were all but wiped from the face of the Earth. Why did this happen we might wonder, but the tale includes the answers, and they make chilling reading for the modern man or woman. We are told that for millennia Atlantis had been an idyllic utopian paradise, evading numerous potentially devastating events by their science and help from higher beings. Then came a schism in the upper society of Atlantis, the split was over whether certain technologies should be used, and whether certain research programs were both safe and ethical. In the end one group misused the technology bringing about a climatic shift, or at least worsening an existing shift, and also causing a fracture in dimensions allowing an extremely negative force to come through from a realm below ours. The second group did all they could to avert a total global destruction event, driving back down most of the incursion and doing what they could to rebalance the Earth. They managed to avert the worst possible scenario, but they could not save themselves, Atlantis fell, in just days a once great and proud civilisation slipped below the ocean and into myth. Even before the final schism there were signs that Atlantis was flirting with collapse. Despite having discovered the rules of the cosmic order, realising that immoral behaviours led to civilisations being eradicated by greater forces from above, many of the elite had begun to mistreat the less advanced human races. Their scientists had begun to delve into areas that were unnecessarily risky or served only military purposes, and the green carpet of nature was rapidly being destroyed and replaced with a layer of white concrete-like material. 

The fragments of evidence supporting the highly compelling tale of the final days of Atlantis can be found scattered amongst numerous sources, mentioned in the discourses of Plato with Solon the Egyptian wisdom keeper, alluded to in the world’s oldest book The Epic of Gilgamesh, but perhaps most comprehensively described amongst the Hermetic texts known now as The Emerald Tablets. To most people living today Atlantis is but a silly story perhaps made up to teach a moral lesson, or simply to entertain bored children. Then of course most people have never bothered to research any deeper, to quest for evidence of an ancient advanced civilisation destroyed by some mind boggling cataclysm in pre-history. For had they looked they would surely of found it, the evidence is overwhelming.

From all around the globe has come the evidence of an ancient advanced civilisation, the main body of which was destroyed sometime around 12,000 years ago, though events seem to have been in action previous to this, and indeed some small tributary parts of the civilisation survived into historic times. We now know that sites such as Pumapunku and Tiahuanaco, both in Bolivia, are at least 12,000 years old, crafted of impossibly large blocks, each smoothly carved from extremely hard rocks such as Diorite and shifted for miles with supposedly no machinery. The Sphinx of Egypt, the knowledge built into the pyramids and remains from some of the other sites of ancient Egypt, all harken back to this lost culture. In the Oceans of the world we find sunken megalithic structures that would last have been above water some 12,000 years ago, these being in diverse locations such as in the seas off the coasts of Bimini, Honda, India and Cuba. Anomalous archaeological findings abound, ancient animal remains with bullet holes in the skulls, metal objects fossilised into coal streams, maps of an ice free Antarctica, and ancient sites built from enormous perfectly cut and stacked stone blocks. The evidence is so vast that it fills dozens of books, best known are those of Graham Hancock, but a large number of researchers have now contributed to the completion of this ancient puzzle. Whatever name we give to it is perhaps unimportant, but that an advanced civilisation existed prior to the end of the last ice-age, and was destroyed during the event which melted the ice, is now staggeringly obvious to all but the most closed minded.

Why this should concern us here today is that our own civilisation sounds eerily alike to the one which vanished suddenly, perhaps in just days, around 12,000 years ago. It is fair to level charges at us in all the same areas of folly, environmental destruction, social abuses, militarism and scientific misadventures. If anything, one might even suggest that we have made degradation, abuse, misconduct and general destruction, the very ties that bind our modern global culture together. The horrors of the modern age astound the genocides, the corruption, and the suppression of women, the overt racism and the financial slavery system crushing 99% of humanity and always pushing them towards further resource poverty.

Public interest regarding the year 2012 subject centres largely on the matter of prophecies, both those modern manufactured and genuinely ancient.  For the most part the mass media talks of a Mayan doomsday prophecy centred on the date of the 21st of December 2012, supposedly this originates within the Mayan Long Count calendar system. In truth the idea that the entire world, or at least all of humanity, will come to a definitive sudden end on that day is wholly a modern western creation. Not only has the mass media leapt on this concept but so to have a large number of independent writer-researchers. In truth the subject is far more complex; there is certainly no clear evidence of an end of the world prophecy or a fixed singular doomsday from within the Maya information. There is however a warning of stark consequences for humanity when it falls out of sync with cosmic order. We humans seemingly influence the level of destruction at world age transition points by means of our own collective thoughts, actions and levels of self-realisation.

One thing the modern Maya elders, and indeed indigenous wisdom keepers around the globe, have publicly come out in agreement on, is that the current civilisation is flirting with destruction. Almost in every way we have gone against the cosmic order, as they understand it to be, and are thus inviting a catastrophic event during the next great shift of ages. We have become the new Atlantis, we are a civilisation that has become so warped and deviant that it now sounds ripe to enter mythology, and all we need now is a cataclysm to perfect the plot. We are living the end of the prophecy; in fact we are living the end of prophecies from all over the globe, both recent and ancient. Surely it is time to take heed and make a course correction?

In respect to the Maya Long Count calendar we actually find that various indigenous people have made prophecies which have now been shown to link in to the same point of time that the Long Count was set to culminate. This is markedly different from the popularised idea that the system itself contains some inherent clearly defined doomsday, one that any fool could observe with a casual glance. Due mainly to sloppy research and bad journalism, most of the world is labouring under a delusion regarding this matter. Now is the perfect moment to clarify which genuine prophecies do contain links to the year 2012 and consider the events they suggest as likely to occur. Interestingly there is in fact more prophecy pointing towards 2012 originating from non-Maya sources than there is from Maya sources.

Rather than making this just an exercise in prophecy exploration, which would be necessary to explore the vast collection available, we will visit only those I feel are most compelling, and of course more likely to occur according to my research. This selection of dramatic predictions will be the focus of the next several chapters, but first I would like to briefly explore some of the current events and happenings that support my assertion that we are a civilisation standing at the edge of an abyss.

Assuming that you have kept abreast of the news over the last few years it will be clear to you that we are living through a period of unprecedented turmoil. Our planetary environment has taken quite a hammering, several thousands of examples of flora and fauna are either already lost forever or currently under threat, forming part of a major human induced mass extinction event. The human population of this planet are also savagely afflicted, with an enormous number living in squalor and misery, being brought about by the ignorance of the many and the outright greed of a few.  The extremes of wealth distribution are shown in brief by the economic study conducted by the World Institute for Development Economics Research of the United Nations University, which found that in the year 2000 the wealthiest 1% of humanity owned 40% of global assets. It is actually a fact that this disgusting trend has been worsening over the last decade, with assets, and thus resources, being sucked ever upwards towards the wealthiest individuals. It is specifically this problem which has directly led to the recent fight back by members of the global community against extreme inequality, best known as the Occupy Movement whom use as one of their slogans, 'We are the 99%'. Whilst millions of people suffer or even die unnecessarily each year due to this sickening in-balance of resource distribution, other individuals control more wealth than entire nation states. Yet this scourge of deliberately manufactured extreme poverty is not the only modern woe for humanity.

Even amongst the small percentage of humans whom do have the material things that allow for a relatively secure existence, there is a shocking level of instance of severe anxiety related psychological illnesses such as depression, or perhaps less severe problems but nonetheless ones that people find impossible to resolve through culturally excepted mechanisms for providing a sense of  happiness. The typical recommendations for finding emotional satisfaction within our current materialist consumer societal system tend to be related to product consumption and electronic entertainment or at the last via the prescription of mood altering drugs. One major research program entitled the 2006 Behavioural Risk Factor Surveillance System, found that somewhere towards 25 million members of the USA population of around 300 million would be diagnosed with depression at some point in their lives, whilst the National Institute of Mental Health suggests that at any time around 18% of adults in the USA will be suffering from anxiety, all this despite the nation being materially the wealthiest on Earth. Surely this is a worrying indictment of our cultural model?

Considering the concerning mental health findings in studies from the USA, it is then no real wonder that a growing number of people sense things are not as they should be with our global culture, as in a large part it is based on the 'American Dream' consumerist materialist model along with the vacuous theory that 'he who as the most toys wins'. As if the on-going environmental and psychological catastrophes were not enough to worry us, we also find that the entire world is teetering on the brink of economic and subsequently societal collapse. Following the 2008 financial crash the global economic system has been continually propped up by injections of public funds aimed at keeping certain large banking institutions in the black and thus able to retain the ability to generate huge profits for their wealthy owners by further lending. The entire European Union is grinding towards self-destruction due to sovereign bank debts, with a vast number of people being made to suffer hardships as it collapses. This long drawn out train crash is all over the mass media. In most of the world the story is the same, banking issues are crippling economies and bringing poverty to citizens via government enforced austerity measures, insisted on by the creditor banks, brought in supposedly to prevent debt defaults. This financial crisis comes at the same time as a spike in the average prices for basic commodities such as energy and food. Commodity prices have risen largely due to financial speculators whom deepen the anguish and suffering of the poor and promote rapid societal breakdown. The respected American expert in future trends forecasting, Gerald Celente, puts the results of an economic collapse quite simply, “When people lose everything, they lose it!”

When it comes to resource inequality and the global financial meltdown, the real elephant in the living room is of course the actual fundamental mechanics of the banking system itself. Thanks to a growing number of expose films and books it has started to become more popularly realised that our banking system is designed to extract real assets by using non-corporeal currency known as bank credit. It is well worth us taking a quick look at the inherent dishonesty and unfairness that is the current banking system model known as Fractional Reserve Banking, a system based around a small number of off shore central banking institutions. The complete breakdown of its workings is too long for me to give here so I would encourage everyone to take the time to watch a film explaining it in detail, such as the Zeitgeist movie. Essentially one has to understand that Central Banks are private institutions whom have by corrupt means arranged a relationship with sovereign states in which they lend money to the governments against the countries asset value, the money is itself created out of thin air and recorded as a credit debt to be repayable with interest at a rate the institution sets, often this rate can be increased later. This means that the amount a country owes in its currency is always greater than the amount that physically exists due to the addition of the interest, it is thus always impossible to fully repay the ever increasing debt. The obvious solution to this problem is for a country to not use a private institution to print its money, rather than taking out a loan with interest the country should create all of its own currency, ideally backed with some tangible commodity such as gold. This currency creation method is the first part of the global banking fraud, the second occurs as soon as the money is transferred onwards to retail and investment banks. After the currency has entered circulation most of it will be deposited into government bank accounts, generally quickly distributing to a number of different banks. Fractional reserve lending rules then allow a bank to make loans of nine times the amount it holds in its accounts in reserve, thus turning one million of deposited currency into nine million of loan debts, and on each loan created additional interest is required. Each time a loan is made digital bank credit moves around computer systems; rarely does physical cash become involved in the movements. When the digital currency of bank credit backed by loan debt arrives in the recipients own bank account it then becomes part of the reserve of the recipients bank, that bank can then make more loans at the nine times total deposit rate, based on credit that is not actually physical currency at all. It is pretty obvious that such a system can't work long term and inevitably bankrupts individuals and then entire nations. Money from thin air created as debt with interest added is not a sensible or fair mechanism, certainly not sustainable, nor do nations have to borrow from private corporation, they have no need to do so. If I have ten apples I can't lend you ninety apples to feed your community, but I can lend you ten until your next harvest, that is a physical reality based system. There is a very good reason why two thousand years ago a spiritual teacher named Yeshua, better known as Jesus, angrily kicked over the tables of the money lenders; it was because bankers are the parasites that destroy entire nations by taking physical assets in exchange for credit debts of magically created baseless currency. Now that this Ponzi scheme form of financial system has reached its natural end government officials in the pockets of the banks have brought about the situation where public funds are being handed over to these same thieving institutions so that they won’t collapse yet, which is exactly what should happen to them and inevitably will.

Perhaps one of the most worrying planetary trends beyond the economic insanity has been that of rapid climate change. During the last two decades scientists around the world have been noting major swings in climatic behaviour. The peculiarities have been so enormous that it is not merely scientists noticing it but rather almost every person one speaks too will agree that they have noted anomalous weather or climate issues in their own region. In some cases this means increasing heat, in others prolonged cold spells or significantly altered rainfall. Though the phenomenon is often referred to as Global Warming this is a misleading categorisation because warming is only occurring in some locations of the planet. Perhaps more worrying still is that the climate changes are also being recorded on the other planets of our solar system, a matter we will examine in more depth later.

Mankind seems to specialise in one negative activity in particular, that being environmental damage. The greatest example of this form of insanity, the deliberate suicidal destruction of our species own essential environment, has to be the on-going felling of rainforests. Despite decades of campaigning to stop the destruction of the Amazon rainforest it has continued unabated, even though it has been made very clear that these forests are essential to the production of clean breathable air. One has to wonder how anyone can allow our essential air supply to be cut off in favour of producing soya beans and cheap beef. Along with the mass deforestation comes the poisoning of land by industrial processes and chemical waste disposal, including the use of landfill sites for rubbish that then leeches chemicals into the ground. Worse still are the massive amounts of industrial waste illegally disposed of in ways that ensure massive environmental degradation and the destruction of some ecosystems. The problem is not at all limited to the land either; both our skies and oceans have been heavily polluted also. Some major cities are now swathed in unhealthy chemical smog rather than fresh air, with inhabitants wearing surgical masks just to go out into their streets. Perhaps most recognised of all is the impact our civilisation has had on water pollution. The world’s seas and oceans are in truth one mighty body of water, and as such all oceanic pollution is a global issue impacting every area of Earth. Huge volumes of toxic chemicals pour into this mighty oceanic body, including solvents, dispersants, artificial hormones, radioactive materials, poisons, fertilisers, oils and oil derivative products, all making for a vile soup. Entire islands of plastic and other rubbish have now built up in some places with their only residents being dead birds and fish unlucky enough to be ensnared in their deadly shores. Slicks of oil full of yet more dead animals ride the surf thanks to extraction accidents, ships deliberately dumping and accidental damage to vessels. The horror of events like Piper Alpha or Deep Horizon spring immediately to mind, along with the accompanying sight of dolphins and whales coated in crude oil and poisonous dispersant. A recent worrying additional phenomenon, possibly connected to pollution, is the phenomena of sudden deaths of massive schools of fish and flocks of birds. Certainly we know that frogs have been dying off in vast numbers due to their sensitive skins, the planets own 'canary in the coal-mine' type warning system sounded many years ago.

The more aware members of our population are also concerned by additional matters such as Peak Oil, Eco-wars, solar storms and the devastation waged by the industrial military complex and its political partners. In fact there are myriad reasons for deep lasting concern, many of which will become more apparent as we examine the breadth of the 2012 subject. Essentially one can already see the myriad signs of a looming precipice ahead; the long prophesised fall into the abyss clearly awaits us. It may not be the end of the world just yet, but you can get a pretty good view of the end from here.

What becomes abundantly clear is that mankind has walked too far down a wrong path, missing or ignoring a plethora of warning signs. Personally I believe we are all now aware that an enormous collective global initiative is required to turn back the tide of problems facing us and with haste before we are overwhelmed by their crushing collective weight. Obviously this has been just a very quick analysis of our planetary issues. We can already recognise the fact that we sound awfully like a culture at the end of some grim prophecy only waiting for the final happening that sends us crashing into myth and legend. Perhaps if we do not change our ways a future generation will look back on our time in disbelief, assuming such a tale of folly could only be a make-believe story created to frighten children from acts of idiocy.


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