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During the last few years the date 21st of December 2012 has increasingly become synonymous with an expectation that our planetary culture is approaching an imminent radical shift event, or perhaps even a series of such events. This perception was marketed to the general public largely by the mass promotion campaign for the November 2010 release of the Hollywood blockbuster film entitled simply '2012'. Though this topic was perhaps somewhat obscure in the media prior to that film, it is fair to say that after it had finished showing in cinemas there was hardly a soul left on Earth whom had not heard of the 2012 mega event idea. The core proposition of the Sony film was that in the year 2012 there would be a near doomsday level global disaster event, and sadly this is the only part of the 2012 subject which has become widely debated. There is however, far more to the 2012 story than just these doomsday predictions. Some of the 2012 data available actually comes across as rather positive material. Even the disasters predicted by some are seen by many 2012 scholars, including myself, as precursor events prior to a more positive era for humanity.

If one takes even a cursory look at the book listings of retailers, such as online store Amazon, it is quickly revealed that there are now hundreds of books centred on this popular subject of year 2012 speculation, or are at least somewhat reliant on the current fascination with this date. Often reader comments and reviews show that many books that have 2012 in the title actually have very little to say on that subject, rather numerous authors are simply capitalising on the popularity of these four digits so as to sell more copies of their books. This is not one of those misleading 2012 books, the only matter we are interested in here is what is happening between now and the early part of next year.

            The number of 2012 books may seem mind boggling, but far greater is the number of 2012 related websites. There are now thousands of blogs and websites specialising in providing information related to the 2012 change meme, and even more that have at least a section dedicated to it. Numerous 2012 forums and chat sites have also appeared, allowing interested parties to make connections with others that are taking the matter seriously, in one way or another. Some of these websites are extremely highly ranked for traffic, proving categorically that this is no longer an obscure topic of limited public interest. The actual material covered varies wildly, as does the intention of the site owners, it is often the case that two 2012 websites will have nothing at all in common bar for the use of that year in the websites name.

For those that have an aversion to reading there are always the video streaming sites such as YouTube as these are now awash with both professional and amateur films covering the same vast range of 2012 linked subjects. A plethora of internet based fringe radio shows also offer regular updates from well know 2012 researchers, or spiritual gurus, that have their eyes on the date 21-12-2012 for their own reasons. Mainstream media has even waded into the arena giving us such wonders as the 2012 Wife Swap television show, as well as 2012 specials on the History and National Geographic cable channels. All over the Earth there are people seriously preparing for a range of predicted events, and amongst them are those whom are giving public speaking seminars with the intention of helping to educate members of the public in regards to what may lie in store for them during the coming months.

For my part I have spent the last five years seriously engaged with researching this broad subject area as best as any man can with only limited resources at his disposal. This has involved in-depth research of numerous seemingly separated subjects, many of them extremely fringe and very specialised. My home library has swollen considerably and my eyes have ached, as I poured over websites for hours and hours at a time trying to find the next piece in the puzzle. Always I have followed the trail forward no matter where it led and no matter how peculiar it became. In the course of my work I also created a website with the matter of the 21-12-2012 date fixed firmly at its core, though it also covered topics of interest to me which are not directly attached to 2012. My personal 2012 blog site has come to be one of the most globally visited websites on the topic. With the increasing reach and visibility of my website came increased ability to access some high profile 2012 researchers and other notable relevant scholars.

It is without any doubt that my greatest asset in my endeavouring to expound 2012 subject details cogently has been my pre-exiting familiarity with rather peculiar fringe subject material. When I first encountered the lore on 21-12-2012 it was after a decade of involvement with supernormal events and a great deal of related investigation, much of which was also by direct participation. It is thus fair to say that I am somewhat knowledgeable in regards to the complex and broad subject of supernatural phenomena, at least as much as anyone can be when dealing with what are often unique and unrepeatable events, which by their very nature do not always allow for much detailed scientific analysis. In hindsight however nothing could have better prepared me for the oncoming freight train of 21-12-2012 material than my existing research experience. In fact in many instances it has been my own ability to gain information through supernormal mechanisms which have allowed me to fathom some of the depths of this mysterious date and the potentials it holds for humanity. I am certainly not an expert on all of the numerous subject areas which are necessary to be discussed as we venture forwards, nobody can be expert on so many wildly different facets. Essentially I think of myself as rather a jack of all trades master of none type character whom has spent the last twenty years involved with mystery subjects and the attempt to make them somewhat less mysterious.

The first task I took in hand was to set the scene for why we might expect a great event, based on the ancient records of past major upheavals. The most well-known of these is the sudden destruction of an advanced civilisation generally known to the public as Atlantis. By contrasting the follies of modern man against those of the ancients, as told in the stories of what occurred, we are able to see why we might be walking into a similar historical dead-end. Though there is a wealth of evidence from ancient sites that supports the existence of such prediluvian cultures I made the decision to ignore a large part of it, simply because I lack the time to give this matter justice. Instead of using all available evidence I simply took a selection of facts that will make any reader at least consider the possibility for a past great fall of man. My greater focus was on the errors modern man has been making, in respect to environment, politics, societal activity and economics. Essentially I demonstrate that our current civilisation is indeed doomed, though its exact path to doom may be less concrete in most minds, and my own reasoning for holding the belief this fall is indeed imminent.

The greatest reason for public popular interest in the year 2012, specifically its later part, comes from the prophecies of several native groups that have records going back into ancient times. There is a rich collection of prophecies that have been linked into the 2012 discussion, coming from diverse ethnic groups and geographical regions. It was my decision to only examine those the prophecies I felt were most unequivocally related to the end of the year 2012, and had been given by cultures that had shown a past track record of accurate prophesying. To this end I settled on the prophecies of the Maya and the Hopi, historically related Native American cultures. There is little doubt that the bulk of Hopi prophecy on the matter of an imminent new world age is targeted on the year 2012, in the case of the Maya there is absolutely no doubt at all, thanks to their use of advanced calendric studies in their prophecy recordings. Modern Hopi elders have stated categorically that they see 2012 as being the year the current world age ends, in a great tumultuous event. Modern Maya have continued the assertion of their ancestors in regards to the dating of this great shift of the ages. In my view it was absolutely necessary to examine these predictions first hand, as all too often I see people refer to 2012 prophecy from the Maya or Hopi but without being able to detail any of the actual material these groups have given to the world. Mass media articles often start with a headline regarding a Mayan doomsday prophecy, but then follow with vacuous assertions that offer no reference to the original material from which this type of statement supposedly originates. It is my view that nobody should talk seriously about a prophecy they have never even read for themselves.

Both the Maya and Hopi prophecies talk about such things as a coming major shift of the planet, what we might call an axial shift or pole shift, also a general collapse of the current civilisation due to societal and economic considerations and a massive environmental collapse due to human activity. The Hopi specifically refer to a WWIII initiating just before the end of the current world age, worryingly they describe what seem to be nuclear weapons. This physical pole shift mentioned by both groups is the type of event used as central basis for the Sony film named 2012. In my mind it is hard to say whether an axial shift is better or worse than a nuclear war, either one could potentially end all life on the planet, both are terrible, the only good news here is that no prophecy I know of seems to suggest that the events ahead will be bringing us to an actual doomsday event. The Maya and Hopi again agree one the matter of there being a new and improved planet Earth once things settle down, and that there will contact with alien intelligence during the process and even more so afterwards. Many of the prophecies have already come to pass, as have those related to the arrival of a more enlightened culture of human beings on Earth, which is a matter discussed more fully in the chapter on Rainbow Warriors.

The origin of the now popularly discussed date 21st December 2012 is generally considered to be found in one of the Mayan calendars. As such we discuss at length the Maya, an indigenous tribal people of Central America, and the particular calendar in question, now known as the Long Count. This Long Count system is perhaps their most ancient calendar system. The most captivating thing about the cycles recorded in this particular system are that they are so spectacularly long; in fact one complete long count cycle lasts for a greater time span than the civilisation which, seemingly, created the calendar itself. Unsurprisingly this led to questions as to why a Stone Age people were so very interested in recording vast cycles of time with beginnings before they actually rose to prominence and culminating in a distant future they were not going to experience for themselves. Though most of the ancient Mayan records were sadly destroyed in the bloody Spanish conquest of their lands, we examine the remaining information sources regarding their calendar systems meanings. Thankfully at least some aural traditions and a few scraps of written material have survived, and these all lend some weight to the idea that the ending of a complete long count calendar cycle is a most notable event, with numerous types of radical shifts associated to it, including social collapse, climatic shift, environmental destruction, economic disaster and spiritual renewal.

In all fairness if the 2012 story began and ended with the Mayan Long Count calendar the vast majority of people would probably be rather inclined to ignore the matter completely, in fact we would probably not have ever heard of any of this at all in that case. After all, how many non-academic people would really care about what the ancient Maya people thought might happen hundreds of years into their future? How many people are normally interested in such things as a disused, antiquarian, Mesoamerican calendar system? Typically such historical and anthropological matters as these are left solely to grey haired, be-spectacled, university professors of a type commonly gifted with the ability to bore the average person into a near comatose state should they be foolish enough to engage them on such a highly specialist niche subject. I think that most of us would agree that it is, on the face of it, an intrinsically boring subject for the laymen (apologies to the scholars involved with such research projects). The only reason for the Mayan calendar being so very much of a hot topic is that there are historical prophecies tied to the calendar’s cycle end-date. Predictions for special events in late 2012 have actually come from some incredibly varied places, not only from the Mayan culture itself. Due to this focus on the Mayan calendar system it is important to understand it, as such we have tried to give a basic familiarity of the system to readers in a way that is not overly academic and complicated.

In respect to 2012 astronomy and astrology there are a number of notable findings being presented by relevant experts and theorists suggesting that this year is a uniquely important one. The most well-known of these cosmic findings is the so called Galactic Alignment, an event which occurs only on a small number of the winter solstice dates in this current time period, it will then not recur until an entire precession cycle has completed in almost 26,000 years’ time. Other space events pointed to are the pair of Venus conjunctions, and a supposedly powerful planetary configuration known as a Yod, there is also speculative suggestion of a shift of astrological house into Aquarius. We will be examining the conjunctions, eclipses and solar events that have been tied into the 2012 shift subject, some of these seem crucially important to the larger picture. Interestingly we also discover that some of the events in our sky may well be announcing to us, based on ancient lore, the imminent arrival of a highly developed adept known as an ascended master. Possibly this could be the return of the being known as Imhotep, an ancient Egyptian wisdom bearer, or the Maya equivalent named Kukulkan.

Amongst the cosmic happenings there has additionally been a series of peculiar changes on the other planets in our solar system. We examine a series of cosmic climate change events, perhaps most captivating of all has been the scientific concern regarding recent energy events on our sun. We discuss the possibility that these solar happenings may culminate in some kind of radical event once we reach the peak of the current eleven year solar cycle. Could Earth be suddenly hit by a massive outpouring from our now unstable star? Might we also be already in the path of an even greater threat, an eruption from the galactic core known as a super-wave?

Closer to home the Earth sciences have been giving us plenty to ponder too. Changes are not only happening out in space. During the last few years evidence has been accumulating for the possibility we are in a process of a magnetic polar reversal, field strength drops and polarity shifts are rapidly increasing in pace. We look at whether this fluctuating field might interact with the human brain via magnetite deposits, and then unlock a hidden mechanism for producing large quantities of the naturally occurring hallucinogenic brain compound named Dimethyltriptamine. Could a geomagnetic field shift cause a mass shamanic journey, healing the human psyche and leading us into a new golden age? Alongside the magnetic field anomalies have been the drastic and readily observable rolling climate catastrophes, could these be related to this energetic shift? We see ever nuttier and nuttier weather and environmental anomalies. Anyone not aware of this climatic shift must be already living in their underground 2012 survival bunker. Just switch on the world news and it is completely inescapable to conclude that we are in deep trouble regarding this particular global process. Whether the two are related remains to be seen, we do now see some very strange mass deaths in bird and fish species which would be the organisms most sensitive to magnetic field events.

            The most concerning event that is examined is the potential axial pole shift, a total shift of the direction of planetary rotation. Though on the face of it such a thing sounds unlikely, we discovered that the horrifying truth is that there is evidence suggesting this process has already initiated. The destruction involved in this particular earth change scenario really boggles the mind; even I was shocked at how radical the geological changes could be. The only way to avert a massive die off for humanity with this event is by moving populations from areas that will be affected, and well ahead of time.

            Some of the major shift events have seemingly quite peculiar, but potentially positive, side effects as we found with magnetic field alterations and DMT production in the brain. In the case of the potential influx of cosmic energies we discovered evidence from ancient sources that made us ponder whether DNA changes may result from such intrusions into our biological systems. Could the galactic super wave, or a lesser event from our sun, be the trigger for an evolutionary leap in the genetics of the human race? With some consideration of the evidence we found it becomes a tantalising possibility.

My intention for the second section of the book was to examine the more ignored areas of fringe 2012 research, including reports from claimed alien abductee's, modern religious prophets, near death experience survivors, shamanic journey participants, spiritual channels, and psychics of all kinds. Also I intended to discuss the great deal of 2012 data coming from those persons usually categorised by mainstream media as conspiracy theorists, many of whom are exceptionally gifted and diligent researchers. These were my firm intentions even whilst writing the first sections chapters; however that plan was necessarily abandoned after the night of February 1st 2012. That was a night that changed everything; indeed it has most certainly changed my life forever and shifted me away from simply providing a book based on research, towards delivering a message from higher beings, or at least from a race of with a greater view of the coming events.

From the 1st of February 2012 until the 20th of June, my new family and I here in Ecuador, have been party to a series of transmissions and supernormal journeys involving a race of humanoid beings known best as the Pleiadian’s. Though these beings seemingly inhabit a number of planets orbiting around various stars the particular group that we have been connected to have given their point of origin as the star named Maia. The information that has been shared with us can only be called utterly mind blowing. There is so much material given to us, that it goes well beyond my original analyse of the December 2012 subject. It is fair to say that much of the data we have collected actually deals with far bigger questions than simply how to survive and thrive in the days ahead. We discovered the truth about ancient alien contact with Earth, the astonishing level of genetic experimentation that has been carried out on homo-sapiens and the range technologies used by alien races. We not only interacted with these benevolent Pleiadian’s, but also with a second race of aliens, a form of tall Greys, that can only be described as utterly terrifying and a true enemy of humanity.

The information comes from a combination of supernormal mechanisms, largely from a form of past life astral time slip in which Daniella, quite unintentionally, finds herself living the life she had once experienced in Palenque during the 7th century, there she was married to my own past life self, a Maya Lord with a deep anger towards this second alien race. This race of Greys is a species of three metre tall beings with some insect-like characteristics; they enjoyed barbaric treatment of the Maya people and also the conducting of horrific genetic experiments on those they make prisoners. What role they will play in late 2012 remains to be seen.

The wealth of information brought back to the present is also further supported by past life memories, vivid lucid dreams and trance channelled conversations with the historical Mayan King K'inich Janaab Pakal. Lord Pakal is known to have governed the city of Palenque, Mexico, during the 7th century AD. This invaluable source makes no secret of the fact that he is himself a Pleiadian being residing in a hybrid physical form created for his mission on Earth. It is perhaps best said here that in that previous lifetime both Daniella and I are also in Pleiadian-human hybrid bodies and were members of the ruling family. The privileged positions we held in our past lives allow Daniella extraordinary access to information from both the Pleiadian’s and from Maya records hidden in locations below the ground.

The mass of data that has been brought back to the present has not only confirmed are worst fears regarding a potential imminent pole shift, but it also gives us explicit instructions on how to prepare for the worst and exactly what events we should expect between now and late Spring of 2013. This early part of 2013 is seemingly when the most intense part of the Earth shift process ends, though significant changes will be on-going well beyond that point as evidenced in the map we provide of the Earth’s surface in year 2015.

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