2012 science or superstitionWhether the 2012 subject is largely made up of scientific data or mostly superstition has become a key axial question for many newly interested readers.

The extraordinarily well produced film, ‘2012 Science or Superstition’, delves deeply into just that question. The team over at disinfo.com has done a fine job in gathering the leading minds of the subject’s research today and asking them to give the public an informed overview.

This is a must buy film for any serious scholar of the topic and indeed for anyone wishing to share the subject with those wholly ignorant to it.

Very many interesting topics are covered such as Maya calendar cosmology; pole shifts, galactic conjunction, Sol’s binary twin, cyclic time, catastrophe, shamanic drugs, prophecy, cultural change, solar mechanics, fractal math and conspiracies.

Viewers will know many of the writers and speakers involved from their other works outside of the 2012 arena. Here is a brief list of those involved and links to their home sites on the net.

Graham Hancock
John Major Jenkins
John Anthony West
Jim Marrs
Daniel Pinchbeck
Lawrence E. Joseph
Walter Cruttenden
Dr. Anthony F. Aveni
Benito Venegas Duran
Alonso Mendez
Douglas Rushkoff
Dr Alberto Villoldo

This is the film that you want to show your friends and family when trying to explain just what your interest in the year 2012 is all about. It should also explain why they too should at least except there is something to genuinely take note of, whether they wish to investigate further or not.

In the film Graham Hancock is particularly helpful in his explaining of how procession works and how it relates to 2012. He also talks about the relationship it had with ancient civilisations other than the Maya. Dr Villodo does well in summarising the way in which humans have become parasitical in nature as oppose to symbiotic when it comes to our relationship with this planet. His knowledge of indigenous American prophecy allows us to enter deeper into the Maya Prophecy subject, which gets much mention online with little explanation of actual prophetic material.

Daniel Pinchbeck and Jim Marrs both expound their feelings that we stand on the cusp of a choice rather than a prophetic destiny. We can choose to shift the direction of our culture and bring about a new Golden Age of man or continue the current downward spiral toward environmental catastrophe. Actually others echo this line of thinking in the film and it’s the position I myself tend to favour.

For those unfamiliar with the subject of Sol’s secret twin the interview with Walter Cruttendon may stand out. The system being binary is of particular interest to planet-x theorists of course. His work is very interesting even though it is not wholly 2012 focussed.

DisinfoThe science of catastrophe is debated head on between science writer Lawrence E. Jospeh and Astronomy professor Dr. Anthony Aveni. Concessions are made on both sides in terms of exceptance of the opposite camps positions. Do not expect an absolute answer to whether catastrophe can be proved or disproved. These are not prophets and merely analyse the date available in an objective as possible manner. Numerous possibilities are considered and investigated.

Also covered in the film are the subject of the Maya themselves and a fairly top level mention of their calendar system. John Major Jenkins and the other Maya anthropology experts go into some depth about the Maya cosmology. The way in which the information was encoded into their glyphs and cultural activities. The astronomy and astrology of change is explained for the lay viewer in a way all can comprehend.



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