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For a number of reasons I believe that people should take seriously the idea of being prepared for unexpected disasters. Obviously the level of urgency for this depends on where in the world you live. Should you live in a location plagued by earthquakes, tornadoes or other natural disasters then it is a matter of common sense to be ready.

For those in regions usually more stable then it is a question of just how you envision the next few years playing out. Many of us do feel that climatic shifts and social upheavals may well mean that seemingly safe areas may experience sudden turbulence.

On this note then I was interested to hear that my friend Dennis McClung was hosting a 2012 related survival conference. Though the event is centred on the 2012 speculation of an upcoming catastrophic event it is fair to say that Dennis is more concerned with problems that are already happening and will continue to occur for years to come and far beyond that year even.

2012 SurvivalI am not a Doomsday theorist however I recognise that being ready for all eventualities is a perfectly sensible state of affairs. The main guest speaker will be Cody Lundin, the well-known survival expert and author of the popular book,  ‘When All Hell Breaks Loose’.  I have listened to some excellent interviews with Cody Lundin and would love to hear him talk at this event.

Sadly for me I am on the wrong side of the pond, but for those in the vicinity I would recommend checking this conference out.

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To book tickets now just click here or for further information on the event visit the home page on 2012Supplies.com.

I hope that those who attend find it rewarding and are left feeling more ready for whatever lies ahead for our little planet.

By Bruce Fenton

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