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For me the day started rather badly. Unfortunately the distance between my friends home and conference centre had meant a late night. There was just no way I was going to make it to the conference by nine in the morning without spending the day half-asleep. Sadly this meant missing out on one of the talks I had been most looking forward too.

Upon arrival I had one of my new friend fill me in on the morning event. Mario Gomez Mayorga and Rocio Lopez Ruix tackled the subject of reawakening to a deep relationship with our planet.

To quote my friend, writer and Yoga instructor, Marisa Smith:

“Shaman and healer Mario Gomez Mayorga encouraged us to ‘awaken to not thinking about everything,’ and instead focus on behaving as energy does in nature, by helping one another and giving with the knowledge that we always have enough.”

My first talk of the day was John Major Jenkins talking on 2012 astronomy and his new book. The talk was very interesting. I follow a lot of his work online so much of what was said was familiar to me. It is fair to say that John is one of the most scholarly 2012 researchers and as such tends to be the one most engaged with in more mainstream 2012 debates. There was plenty of discussion of the galactic alignment theory in which the Maya calendar is seen as being intimately linked to the precession cycle.This terminates in an event involving our sun aligning to a part of the galactic centre (that is the very brief version).

We were also shown recent evidence that supported his theory located on the Tortugero monument carving. This was in the form of astrological text that further indicated the link between the calendar and astronomical happenings. There was also an interesting touch on the subject of the Arguelles and Calleman versions of the Maya calendar system. John Jenkins made it clear that he felt common ground was more important than head on battles, which had not solved the problems of multiple systems.

At the end of the talk I wandered down to Bubba Gumps for lunch. I sat alone apart from some little birds pecking at my feet. A couple was sitting at the next table chatting. I spotted a program for the conference on their table and took the opportunity introduce myself. The ladies name was Candia Sanders and she told me about her work as a psychic reader, healer and intuitive archaeologist. The latter entails intuitive feeling of the history of ancient sites via a quantum transpersonal link with the former inhabitants. Incredible sounding work indeed and one of the promising ways in which we may yet uncover more on the ancient Maya temple builders. Her husband in transpired was the same man that had 100% accurately identified the remote viewing target in the experiment of the previous night (no previous psychic experience).

When lunch was over I made my way back to the conference for the next event. This was one I had not been very interested in and even considered missing entirely. The reason for this was that I had read some of the speakers work in a 2012 compendium and had not been greatly enthused by it. That said I took my seat to listen to Christine Page M.D. irrespective of my preconceptions.

I was glad that I had chosen to giver her a chance. Christine Page gave an interesting and very enthusiastic lecture on the divine feminine and the return of the great mother. I am so used to male dominated information in the realms of 2012, conspiracy and alternative thought that it was an important dose of the feminine voice for me. There is no doubt that the world desperately needs the female creative energy to birth a new better age and a upsurge in the cosmic cycles. Men don’t do so well with creating and birthing or with periods and cycles.

Best of all Christine Page was probably the most humorous of all the speakers over the three days and the most passionate about her particular subject. It was interesting to hear a medical doctor discuss the physical and psychological problems inherent in today’s world and how to combat them. I often ponder the lack of feminine contribution to my own website on 2012 and hope that this is something I can rectify in the months ahead.

At the end of the talk I had the opportunity to chat to friends I had made earlier on. Amongst these friends were Ben Yoseph, Mellisa Gunasena and Chelsea Ritchen.  Ben Yoseph heads a campaign to heal the divide caused by the presence of supposedly Maya related calendar systems such as those of Jose Arguelles and Carl Joseph Calleman. The existence of these within the 2012 subject has certainly been the source of massive confusion and argument.

Mellisa and Chelsea were at the conference to make a film on the effect of the 2012 meme on the actual Maya people. They kindly included an interview with me in their work which I hope makes it into the final cut. I was also briefly recorded by the Canadian Broadcasting crew whilst talking about my friend Peter A. Gersten and his 2012 leap of faith and asked a few questions for another documentary that was being filmed. My first series of brushes with film media instead of the written word!

Jacque Fresco Venus ProjectThe next talk was one that I think we were all rather looking forward to. Jacque Fresco is the well-known social engineer behind the Venus Project. This endeavour has become even more famous due to its massive support from the members of the Zeitgesit movement. The idea of using technology to forward all of mankind not just the wealthy being based wholly on the availability of sufficient resources is eminently sensible.

Jacque Fresco really engaged with the audience in a big way. Though he was very vocally against many of the tenets held in high regard by the bulk of the audience (mystical and spiritual matters) it is hard not to like him or absolutely disagree with his position. His certainly that we are largely the formation of our social environment is hard to overturn. It sounded sensible that an ill-educated white farmhand in a racist family in a rightwing community somewhere in the Deep South is more likely to hold racist views than if a black family somewhere had raised him.

Also sensible were his thoughts on politicians and our current world leadership system. In truth politicians can’t be expected to solve the big problems of the world, as they are wholly unqualified to do so. They lack the technical knowledge to address any of the major world issues. Their ability is in ratifying laws whilst dragging themselves through mind numbing bureaucratic process. If we want to have real change we need a new system of world governance entirely.

In particular the audience appreciated his view that it was necessary to tackle ignorance in the places it was most abundant first. For if we can tackle it there with whatever tools are most fit then surely we can tackle it anywhere?

The last speaker of the day was Daniel Pinchbeck, the man behind the ever popular, and very informative, Reality Sandwich e-media project. Though Daniel is known for his most recent book on the subject of 2012 specifically he actually tackled a plethora of topics in his talk. It was refreshing to see someone explore the way in which 2012 is actually a nexus point for so many other subjects (a fact I continually mention on my own site). In this respect Daniel was perhaps brave, there was little doubt that many audience members would have wondered why he was talking about most everything except the year 2012. He also fully admitted he has at this time little conclusive idea as to what 2012 'is really all about’.

Daniel Pinchbeck 2012For my part I liked that someone gave an overview of the larger scene in which we ‘woo woo’ writers fin d ourselves swimming. Such thing as plane-x, lizard aliens, abduction, crop circles, psychic powers and evil Illuminati occultists are without doubt as just as valid 2012 material as Maya Calendars and Galactic Alignments.

I think that Daniel gave voice to the uncertainty of an enormous number of 2012 interested persons around the globe. The truth is that it is a very unwise (foolish) person who claims to fully know the 2012 subject in its entirely and exactly where it was all going to end up. Of course we also got to touch on the subject of psychedelic experience which is an area most people link with Daniel Pinchbeck due to his earlier book ‘Breaking Open the Head’.

After the talks had concluded many of us took the opportunity to chat with the speakers of have our photos taken with them, which was pretty cool. Once things had wound down I joined my friends from earlier to head to the hostel they were renting at.

Back at the hostel we had a lovely conversation with a lady named Susan English whom was a part of the event staff. We chatted about all sorts of weird and wonderful subjects. One factoid that sticks in mind is her description of the events after hurricane Katrina (she had been involved in helping the survivors). She explained to me that when the authorities were complaining about unruly behaviour in the super dome shelter nobody had spoken about the fact over 50% of American citizens are on medication. That meant that over 50% of the people involved were on hard withdrawal from powerful pharmaceutical chemicals. On top of that there were of course other people coming off illegal drugs or other addictions. As she rightly put it with such facts in mind 'it was a miracle that people were not eating each other'.

I had ended up taking a private room with two single beds in it so I invited Ben Yoseph to stay the night rather than walk back to his shared dorm at another hostel. We had a really interesting and funny conversation about such things as the problems with the Dreamspell calendar, Calleman correlation, and other 2012 issues. For those unaware of this subject I will briefly state two fundamental errors of these two systems. The Dreamspell requires one to ignore one entire day every year yet claims to run on the daily count of the Maya Tzolkin. The Calleman count states the Maya calendar ends on the 28th October 2011 despite physical evidence for the 2012 end date and none for the 2011 version. I suggest reviewing the many articles on this by researchers like John Major Jenkins or Geoff Stray. It is a huge subject in itself and goes beyond the scope of this brief review of day 2 at the conference.

By Bruce Fenton

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