nagaDNA Activation ofthe Light Body

Going slightly off the 2012 subject for a moment!

I was wondering if there was a scientific basis for the aura sometimes seen around living beings?

Also for the realistic seeming hallucinations observed by visioning shamans and those people using hallucinogens?

Is there an explanation for the claim by indigenous peoples and many modern mystics (in the so-called West) that certain wise-men can communicate with animals and plants?

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It is always easy to just state that there is no explanation required because the phenomena are simply, 'make believe'. For those whom disagree both in the scientific community and amongst the mystical minded, it is worth suggesting some possible answers.

Why have I entitled this post as I have, you may well wonder?

For those who do not know it, I shall briefly explain the mythology of the Naga and also its claimed physical existence.

The Naga is an enormous serpent, often suggested to have seven heads. Buddhist iconography popularly depicts this mythical beast as a dragon-like water serpent, and at times we see the Buddha depicted as standing upon its head. We might then link the idea of enlightenment and understanding to Naga lore.

In the modern physical world the Naga still claims a position. Once a year, for several days, pilgrims make their way to the banks of the Mekong River in Northeast Thailand to watch the 'Naga Fire-balls' emerge from that river. This phenomena has been recorded and witnessed by many, and is as yet not adequately explained. Unless that is you are of the same ilk as those whom ascribe all U.F.O.'s to being air balloons and meteors, in which case you will be happy with the current explanation of swamp gas and fireworks. The observers, and other advocates, claim that the Naga lives in the Mekong and that it shoots these fireballs up out of the water. For the moment I will make no conclusion here, though next year I do actually intend to go see for myself, as my in-laws live in the North East of Thailand.

It is however another Naga that I am actually referring to in the main part, or perhaps the true Naga of folklore. Perhaps there is a more scientific origin to the Naga, irrespective of what may or may not be creating the afore-mentioned annual display. As the title of this post suggests I believe that there is a Naga inside us all that is shooting it fireballs from out of the water. This Naga is also indeed connected to our on-going path toward full enlightenment, be that mental, physical or indeed spiritual. I also intend to suggest it can be an answer to my originating questions at the start of this piece.

So lets meat this serpent that lays coiled in water, shooting out light. If you have not yet guessed, it is in fact deoxyribonucleic acid, D.N.A. For those who are not aware D.N.A. exists as two strands twisted around each other in the nucleus of the cell, called a double helix. Bridges called nucleotides link the two strands. The DNA carries the information from a life form to its offspring along the chain of life we call evolution.

DNAThese serpentine strands reside protected in a water bath contained by the cell membrane. Now unknown to many, these coiled snakes are constantly putting on a fascinating light show!

Even back in the 1980s it was being shown that the cells of living matter were emitting photons at around 100 units per second, per square centimetre, and that D.N.A. was the source of this. The bandwidth in which this light is emitted is, quite amazingly, within the extremely narrow band we know as visible light. This range is between infrared and ultraviolet. Though in terms of us perceiving this light with normal vision we would have to call it a very weak light source, it is however very regular and consistent, making it much more like a laser beam than a lightbulb.

To quote the scientific journalist Suren Erkman: "A coherent source of light, like a laser, gives the sensation of bright colours, a luminescence, and an impression of holographic depth."

[For details on light emission from DNA see work of Rattemeyer et al (1981), Popp (1986) and others]

The statement of Suren Erkman is important when we consider the testimony of both Shaman, mystics, and the users of hallucinogens. The reason for this is the factor of bright colours, luminescence and holographic depth. All are terms that consistently match up with testimony of experiences during mystical visual phenomenon, inclusive of the viewing of the aura seen around living beings by certain persons. Also seen via the, now well known, Kirlian Camera apparatus.

I want to inject here that I am dealing with both persons using special techniques of altering consciousness, as well as those who use psychoactive substances. This is an important point to make, as it is easy to be cynical about those that use chemicals, however not so easy with those who do not.

When certain chemical production within the human body is stimulated (either by hallucinogens or other methods such as meditation) these stimulate certain receptors. A cascade of electrochemical reactions begins within the Neurones of the brain, which then excite D.N.A. causing an increase in its production of light on a visible wavelength.

It is this light that is perceived as what we call hallucinations, these holographic type images. It is this communiqué from DNA itself that is being perceived and indeed interpreted.

As a University graduate in Information Technologies, it is of course sensible to me, this use of light as a communication method. Any I.T. professional worth their salt knows that this is one of our own chosen methods of communication. Not only do we already utilise fibre optic cabling and infra red, but the NASA and SETI programs admit that any advanced civilisation would be far more likely to send out messages into space encoded into pulsed lasers, rather than inefficient radio waves as we have done previously!

Hmmm pulsed lasers...

I would like to interject at this point a comment from a friend of mine, a respected Historian of Science, who feels that the human aura is actually evidence of Quantum blending. The aura being an area in which the organism blends with its environment at the quantum level. Something I must admit I find quite amazingly plausible.

So back to answering my other question, on communication between life forms and certain persons, we also find another interesting possibility. If it is then possible to amplify this pulsed laser, and the ability to perceive it, can we not then speculate a method of inter species communication. That each type of cell is sending out species specific, even individual entity specific, information that can be perceived and read or seen (if your using the right techniques).

At this point it is useful to note a comment made by the Biologist Fritz-Albert Popp, "conciousness could be the electromagnetic field constituted by the sum of these emissions"

Of course this is still at the level of educated speculation, but very fascinating none the less.

This is suggestive of a world made up of the production, interaction, and reception of these photons from D.N.A.

Now that’s not nearly as far out as one may think. Though I am excepting that I likely fall more in the camp of mystic than scientist, my education and thesis here are rooted in science. So it may be prudent for me to put forward a more all encompassing theory that actually rather allows sensibly for this scenario. The one in my mind is the 'Holographic Paradigm Theory' subscribed to by some of our most eminent modern science minds. A topic I will try to elucidate at another time, as it deserves more than a footnote here.

Not wanting to bog down this blog post so as that its is impractical for the reader to briefly wade through, I will conclude here. I welcome feedback and invitations to clarify all points. Hopefully I can later explain the links to shamanic sky ladders, crystal revelations and indeed the details of the holographic paradigm!

By Bruce Fenton

2012 Rising The Last Tzolkin