Earth4AllToday marks the two year point prior to the end of the 13th Bak'tun of the ancient Maya Long Count calendar system. It is of course also the winter solstice and one blessed by a total lunar eclipse. So what better time to launch a new project?

Earth4All online magazine was an idea given birth to following my short experience working on the Truebook social network project. Having realised that Truebook was simply a very weak version of the already popular Evolver social network, one which I fully endorse as an alternative to Facebook. I thus decided that my energies were better placed elsewhere. Another idea that had been bubbling up from my subconscious for a while was a multi-media platform and e-zine presenting alternative and fringe subject matter.

The domain was registered on 10-10-10 and the next major update was undertaken on 11-11-10 at the start of the peak in novelty predicted by the Timewave Zero system. Maybe I am superstitious but I do like certain numbers, especially dates with numerology meanings, to be incorporated into my writing work. So it seemed only right that the official launch should be on 21-12-2010 so as not to break the theme of the gestation of the infant magazine project. Why not work with the energies the way my gut tells me to, as generally it has worked out well in the end to do so.

Earth4All has a currently expanding team behind it made up of writers, researchers, film makers and others. We are still looking to work with a few more and those not working with us will be invited on our radio channel or to allow us to share their articles. The idea is to bring together a plethora or voices in the alternative research community and unite the viewing public in one place where they can find helpful information on myriad subjects. Also a place they feel confident is not controlled by sinister interests!

So I invite you all to join us on a new journey and maybe to consider contacting me and discussing working together in some way. We are open to your suggestions and ideas as we move things forwards.

4 races of man, 4 kingdoms of beings, 4 directions, 4 elements and Earth 4 All.

By Bruce Fenton

2012 Rising The Last Tzolkin