Bruce Fenton & Daniella Cardenas Interview re: 2012 Rising The Last Tzolkin

Rebecca JerniganWe loved being live with the legendary spiritual worker and alterative radio show host Rebecca Jernigan, this was an incredible show where we go were able to go deeper into the backstory to our paradigm shifting book with a kindred spirit putting us in the hot seat. We really hope that subscribers here at that were not able to  tune in will visit the archived show.

To listen to this really mind expanding interview, just join us via clicking this link:


Bruce Fenton has been a supernatural researcher for close to 15 years and a naturally gifted psychic.  He is the webmaster of the popular website, which he created to share his on-going decade long investigation of enormous changes happening to our solar system, and our civilisation. His research and personal understandings are shared in their entirety as the first section of the book '2012 Rising The Last Tzolkin'.

Daniella Cardenas has been a gifted trance medium for 20 years and is also a master healer in the Usui Reiki tradition. After a spontaneous self-activation of a rare psychic ability she began to experiences journeys back to a past life in 7th century Palenque, the information retrieved related to the same subjects as her partners studies, this now forms the second section of their recent book release, '2012 Rising The Last Tzolkin'.

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By Bruce Fenton

2012 Rising The Last Tzolkin