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We know the date 21-12-2012 represents a cosmic event of great note to human spiritual progression. The 2012 conjunction of the winter solstice sun with the dark rift near the galactic centre and the start of a new precession cycle and new Maya Long Count.

This offers us the chance as a species to align with the cosmic energies of massive positive change. We can consciously choose to rapidly evolve our civilisation and are physical and spiritual selves at that time.

I believe I have found a secondary energetic stargate date hidden within the Maya system and thus far overlooked.

Maya Elder Don Alejandro: "On March 31, 2013 the sun will be hidden for a period of 60-70 hours and this is when we shall enter the period of the Fifth Sun."

As with previous important topics I have selected a proper date to discuss it. Today is of course Sun-day 11-01-2009 and Tzolkin 7-Ahau. Ahau also means 'Sun-Lord'.


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The marker signs for this important point are spread across numerology, symbolism and astronomical events. It may cause many in the 2012 research community to sit up and take note. For sake of a summary let me just state that it involves all of the below factors.

*Notable synchronisation of the Haab, Tzolkin, Gregorian and Hindu calendars.
*Extensive numerological coincidence involving the numbers 3, 13, 20, 333 and 11.
*A comet returning to its perihelion running on a 13 year cycle
*Venus conjunctions
*A near miss by an asteroid
*Correlation with Christian, Pagan & Hindu rebirth mythology
*Maya prophecy from respected elders

There is no doubt for me that the current Maya Calendar Long Count has a legitimate end date of 21-12-2012. This is not an article seeking to replace the correctly revealed closing of this cycle. What I do seek to do is open the question of whether there is a second date of equal or possibly greater importance occurring in the year 2013. After all the nature of the new cycle concerns us greatly does it not?

I will seek to supply relevant evidence for this theory here. It is however still a theory and may yet be contradicted by further findings as my investigation proceeds.

Legitimate argument for the possibility of a second equally important date within the 2012 period has been raised already by Carl Johan Calleman. The well known Swedish Maya calendar researcher and writer states that the calendar system of the Maya has a strong spiritual aspect as well as cosmic elements to it. The Maya certainly seem to echo this is in all the information they ever share on the subject when approached.

Could it be that an energetic cycle, something like a spiritual biorhythm in human consciousness energy could also be reaching a zenith point alongside the astronomic and cosmic peaks occurring in 2012?

The core argument for a second date for energetic completion is that the last day of the Tzolkin 260 day year is always 13-Ahau (meaning sun, light, or lord). This is because the number 13 and symbol Ahau are the last signs of the interwoven numerical and pictorial cycles. 21-12-2012 is only a 4-Ahau.

Maya Number glyphsCalleman has chosen 28-10-2011 based on his own calculation of increased novelty in the system and the evidence is pretty unconvincing to me. It is significantly distanced from the calendar cycle end date and seems to coincide with no interesting astronomy or astrology. There seems to be little in the way of supporting information from independent sources that this date is more special than other 13-Ahau dates.

Surely even 14-07-2012 as the last 13-Ahau before the end date warrants more legitimacy?
It also happens to fall just 38 days after the important second Venus Transit of the sun. This is a date not to be disregarded by any means.

I found that this other early 2012 date was only slightly more satisfactory than the 2011 date. It just seemed to lack the clout one would expect of a truly important day where a major cycle reaches a climax prior to a new starting point. I sought surrounding numerical and astronomical factors that would be indicative of something important. Absent to are cross cultural spiritual understandings or noteworthy religious festivals and mythology.

31-3-2013 or 13-Ahau 3 Wayeb, seems to fit the required profile almost perfectly.

This date is not only the 1st 13-Ahau after the closing of the current Long Count but also the nearest one in time at exactly 100 days later.

One most compelling consideration is that its Haab date puts it in the central point of the last month in that calendar. Wayeb is however not a normal month the 5 days are considered to be outside of normal time. Obviously it is rare for a 13-Ahau to correlate with the ending of the Haab 365-day year. This occurs only once every 52 years. In traditional Yucatan societies when both calendars ended together people were frightened the world might end and all fires were extinguished. If it did not end they held a new fire ceremony and spread a new flame to the homes of the land. [There seems to be some variance from region to region on the dates and particulars of this ceremony]

The last time 13-Ahau fell during Wayeb was 52 years earlier than this date, of course being 13-04-1962.

Interestingly 1962 proved to be a year packed full of memorable historic events for global change and advancement. That 13-Ahau was preceded on 04-02-1962 by an extremely rare grand conjunction at the same time as a solar eclipse and a new moon. At the precise moment of the new moon/solar eclipse, 5 celestial bodies (the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter) clustered within 3° of each other, with the Earth in close conjunction with them. Taken in totality, this grand conjunction included the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, with the Earth also in alignment with the Sun and Moon at the exact moment of the new moon/solar eclipse (8 celestial bodies in total).


1962 was also the year the world really did face a legitimate Doomsday event almost brought about by the Cuban missile crisis!

31-3-2013, 13-Ahau, 3 Wayeb and its stargate signs and portents.

Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men comments on our imminent, ancient remembrance:
"According to the prophecies, in the year 2013 the first stage of higher understanding will begin. If we are willing to work with our subconscious, we will then be able to reclaim the information that has been impregnated in the deepest parts of our being. In this way, the ancient knowledge will rise again."

The Maya have previously explained their concept of important events in time having a type of temporal bleed through. One is guided to look either side of an important event as nearby factors can be almost as important markers to identify a period of opportunity or concern. Let us then bear in mind the weeks either side of this date being investigated.

Hindu kalki kali yugaFebruary 21st has been prophesied by the Yogis of the Sahaja Yoga movement to be the start of the long awaited Hindu golden age known as the Satya Yuga.

This forms a 1000-year break in the negative Kali Yuga cycle which forms 1/1000 of a Kalpa. The Kali Yuga, or "Dark Age," supposedly lasts 432,000 years starting from 3102 B.C.

Sahaja Yogi scholars claim that it is well known, however, that the ancient Indic method of counting years was highly arbitrary from our point of view. They say we have come down to the final days of this section of the Kali Yuga citing that 3102 B.C. is the mirror of 2013 A.D, the Mayan new cycle of time.

March the 20th sees the Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere at 11:02 UT. There are of course equal periods of light and dark on that day. This is also the first day of spring the season of new life. One interesting note here is that the time it occurs at echoes the 2012 winter solstices 11:11. Here the time shows two minutes past as though the second pair of ones have now been added together.

March 27th sees the fairly mundane event of a full moon. Notable only as it helps calculate certain other religious festivals around that time of the year.

The Maya were extremely interested in Venus and its movements. It stands to reason that interesting Venus movements would mark an important 13-Ahau. It does so happen the one on March 31st is smack in the middle of an unusual close coincidence of two Venus conjunctions.

March 28th  Venus 43° south of Uranus 0.7° East, and April 6th Venus 42° south of Mars 2.6° East.

In fact March 28th is also the end-date of the Maya Venus-Sun Calendar. It will complete one of its 104 year rounds of 130 Sun-Venus conjunctions.

April 1st near Earth object asteroid 4034 1986 will pass us at just 0.153 AU

April 10th [approx.] comet 63P Wild 1 returns to perihelion as it travels is 13 year orbit of the sun. It was last seen just days prior to the start of the new millennium.

Esoteric, religious and numerological considerations

If we reverse the target date numbers we are presented with 2013-3-31. This can be referred to as the 333 portal in the middle of the pillars of an 11 which form a numerical stargate. Twenty is of course the number of day signs in a Tzolkin monthly cycle. Could these mean the 20 signs take us through the 1-333-1 stargate?

Do not forget that the Gregorian calendar has its own religious esoteric roots stemming back into the distant pagan past via some of its inclusions. Cultists and religious seekers initiated this temporal tracking system. Perhaps not as worthy as those who created the Long Count but certainly not uninitiated fools.

The numbers 333 are ascribed to ascended masters in numerology and also manifest in natural cycles. An example of such is Comet Tempel-Tuttle the progenitor of the Leonids meteor shower with its 33.3-year orbit.

This is a number that has certainly plagued many seekers like myself over the last few years via manifold positive synchronicity.

31st March also happens to be the exact day of the most important Christian ascension festival as this is the date for Easter Sunday in 2013. The Christian esoteric lore here is of course entirely linked to ideas on rebirth and Passover of worthy spiritual seekers. This fact will probably make the 31-03-2013 date more appealing to members of this faith than the 21-12-2012 date. The far older Pagan equivalent to Easter is named for Eoatre a European Goddess identical in nature to the Babylonian Goddess Ishtar. The point here is that this time of year has been linked to ascension subjects for millennia.

ophiuchus 13th zodiac sihnIn the ancient Alchemist 13 sign zodiac, or Real Sun Sign Zodiac as it is also known, this date is about central within the first sign Pisces, 12th March to 18th April. Another flag that new cosmic cycles start at around this time of year.

For those unaware of the history of the 13 sign zodiac it is the10th constellation that has been removed. The sun moves through Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer between 30th November and 17 December, it lies roughly in the direction of the galactic centre. The 13th and last sign is Aquarius. In the terms of the precession of equinox that happens to be the governor of the next cosmic era our sun will enter.

As an interesting aside the lore of the sign Ophiuchus (a real person), the patron of medicine, states that he learned the secret of the elixir of life from the serpent he holds (Serpens Caput). The twisted serpent is still the symbol of the medical profession to this day. The Maya speak of a serpent rope that comes from the galactic centre bearing a wise being at the end of great cycles of time. It is then rather interesting that in that very direction we have a constellation named for the serpent and a connection with healing wisdom learned from an ascended master.

In the Chinese calendar system February 10th marks the start of their year of the Snake.

Hindu new year or Varsha-Pratipada will occur on April 11th 2013. This is of course just 11 days after the 13-Ahau date. This is also known as Ugadi, a name derived from the Sanskrit term Yug-adi, and meaning, “beginning of an era”. Varsha-Pratipada is the first day of Chaitra, the first month of the Hindu lunar year.

There is one further date in 2013 that interests me, although it is towards the end of that year. I will mention it here just in case it interests other researchers.

Tzolkin day 9-Earth, Gregorian 03-11-2013 leaps out at us numerically. It contains all of the key numbers involved in this stargate subject so far, i.e. 3 11 20 13.
On that particular date a very rare and special annular-total solar eclipse will occur. An annular-total eclipse is an unusual type of hybrid solar eclipse in which a total eclipse is seen along some part of the track of the lunar shadow across the surface of our planet and an annular eclipse (gold ring) is seen along the other part of this track.

This eclipse also has the added unusual property that it is total at the crossing of the Equator and the Greenwich Meridian, 0° latitude 0° longitude. In the 5000 years from -1999 to +3000 there are 15 total eclipses that pass through location "zero-zero". The last was 16 March 1466, the next one 3 June 2114.

The total eclipse begins in the Atlantic south of Bermuda (old Atlantis) and ends in Somalia. The partial eclipse will be visible over parts of the Americas, the Atlantic, southern Europe, and most of Africa, between 10:04:34 UT and 15:28:21 UT.

AhauI hope that there is enough data here to get people talking about the 13-Ahau on 31-03-2013. I for one feel on an intuitive level that 21-12-2012 is the Yang (obscured) energy date, whilst 31-03-2013 is the Yin (revealed) energy date. Just as the rare Venus transitions come in pairs, so perhaps do these rare energetic stargates.

I compare the difference between the 21-12-2012 and 31-03-2013 dates to the full moon and a womens menstrual cycle. They are tied together forever. Their mysterious energy forces intertwine. Yet they are not the same and do not neccesarily occur on the same day.

Maya Shaman Gerado Barrios has this to say: "We are now in a transition period called the 'Cycle of the merge of the dark and the light.'...The cycle of the light will come in full force on 12/21/2012...Mother Earth as a living entity will transcend to another level or frequency of consciousness and a new and special era will begin...This era will be very positive. 'Let all beings rise. Let not one or two stay behind.'...The times are here for total brotherhood...The spirit beings, different philosophies, different races must begin to weave together all knowledge to create the tapestry of harmony and balance...The elders ordered much spiritual work bringing together many indigenous tribes from many countries to perform 'planetary acupuncture.' 


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