2012 Galactic Superwave, Interstellar Particles, Solar Storms, Solar System Changes and Mutating DNA

Sun DiscThere are at least four major lines of information now opening up to us in the 2012 research community. It is only when they are added together and indeed a possible fifth included as well that a very plausible and perhaps scary possibility emerges.

Let us start with the five lines then in very brief and then we will move deeper.

1. Our quiet sun and shifting planetary energy fields solar-system wide.
2. The alignment of ancient structures to Cygnus.
3. Cosmic winds and dust clouds.
4. An ancient calendar indicating the dark rift.
5. Evidence of novel mutations occurring in human beings.


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During the last Solar cycle we had one of the most powerful geomagnetic storms possible hit the Earth knocking out some communications. That was October 2003 and just a taste of things to come. In November the most powerful flare ever recorded and an enormous coronal mass ejection occurred. The flare was rated X28 though it was beyond our measuring equipment. In fact cycle 23 exhibited several maximal flares and concerned space weather scientists immensely.

It was for this reason that two very different predictions have been made for cycle 24. Based on how active the previous was many scientists felt the next cycle would be as bad again or far more active. Concerns now mount in the media as to whether super-storms will knock out power grids and satellites. Another group however felt it would become much quieter in the next cycle possibly causing a cooling period on Earth. Possibly we might even see a new mini-ice-age come on fairly suddenly.

Whilst this has been brewing in the aisles of NASA and elsewhere in the astronomical and physics community, other events have been noted. Our solar system has begun to fill with cosmic dust in an ever-increasing flow. The flow of solar wind particles would usually help prevent this happening, however with our extremely quiet sun it is almost absent. Much of it is drawn inward towards the Sun where it gathers and falls inward.

Elsewhere throughout the Solar System some anomalous energy events have been happening. I have covered this before; it is worth reading that article before heading on. It is worth checking for recent updates also as things are progressing out there.  

Enter Dr. Paul LaViolette and his investigation of anomalous glass on the moon and cosmic dust found in ice cores from around 15,000 years ago. His work has indicated the likelihood of a synchronous event in which a galactic super-wave of energy particles enters our system from the direction of the galactic centre. Possibly this erupts from the centre itself or is from stars reacting to this energy as it moves outward.

The results are incoming rays at sufficient levels to cause genetic mutation within a lifetime. At the same time the dust would eventually cause significant enough disturbance of our sun and cause an extremely energetic outburst. Hence the glass on the lunar surface created from burnt dust 15,000 years ago. Our sun will be further upset by the influx of cosmic rays, some recently have been amongst the highest frequency recorded from Galactic centre so far.

Magnetic FieldsThe Sun will in this scenario eventually have an enormous outburst either in cycle 24 or cycle 25 that will produce incredible geo-magnetic storms for Earth. This is made worse due to the fact Earth’s magnetic field has not only been rapidly decreasing but has been found to now have two large breaches in our natural cosmic shield. Worse still it has been discovered that due to our field being in alignment with our Suns at this time, twenty times more Solar wind could potentially enter anyway!

Stellar events are a real worry for astrophysicists these days. In the last few years we have detected high-energy emissions capable of sterilising planets. Even more worrying is that a number of such events have hit our atmosphere causing events on the planet and in its atmosphere, mostly weak but still causing effects.

December 2004 was the exception in a very high energy Gamma Ray blast was detected just 44.6 hours after a 9.2 earthquake hit Indonesia. We all know what happened next. Scientists have struggled with the proximity of the two events and pondered the possibility of a longitudinal gravity wave pulse being involved.

Interesting too is the recent findings from a Russian team studying 11 year solar cycle geomagnetic activity and tropical cyclogenesis. A correlation was concluded between the two systems indicating a direct effect of the sun on cyclone activity.

If all this were not enough however there is still more to come. It seems the ancients have left us a coded message about stellar events of the past. Actually most fringe researchers will know about the ancients habit of aligning there major structures with certain star systems over the ages.

One such archaeo-astronomical alignment found in preponderance is that between sites and the system we call Cygnus, the swan. There are a huge number of sites that have this correlation and a number of myths and legends that relate to its importance with our forbears. Some 13,500 years ago it was actually the Pole Star but precession changed that over time. There is an interesting Pyramid object in Italy that correlates with this as well as links to New Grange in Ireland (amongst many sites).

Sun AngelCygnus contains a very unique binary star system in terms of our current understanding of the Universe. Cygnus X-3 is sometimes referred to as a neutron star or even a quark star, but nobody is quite sure what it is. What they do know is it is about the third most luminous star in our galaxy and the only known emitter of what seems to be 5th dimensional particles currently named ‘Cygnets’. These have the impossible feature of reaching earth at light speed and penetrating deep into underground caverns. We have no explanation that can be considered fully comprehensible other than higher dimensional energy effects!

Andrew Collins was a history and science writer that stumbled upon this when working a project on emergence of primitive cultures cosmologies. He kept on finding the Swan and Cygnus coming up, even in Lascoux caves there is a 17,000 year old painting of the constellation. He further discovered from scientists there was evidence of a high energy cosmic events around 35,000 years ago, largely discovered through high levels of Beryllium in Ice cores.

This coincided with a period or mutation and die off in flora and fauna, indeed possibly to the disappearance of Neanderthal man. Cygnus X-3 is a very powerful blazer. This binary star has one of its two erupting energy beams pointed squares at us from its location hidden behind the Dark Rift. Just lately it has shown burst of high-energy emissions several times.

It would seem that the last time this star erupted significantly coincided with the leap into deeper consciousness and shamanic awareness as well as with biological mutations in life forms. The creation of anthropomorphic carvings and rock drawings emerged just after this time. Were the strange particles the main causes, certainly this similar to the eminent Carl Sagan’s own theory before his death?

Interestingly the Maya calendar indicates the dark rift in the Milky Way as important, as do the Maya themselves in their cosmology. As stated Cygnus X-3 lays behind the dark rift though itself would only be possibly visible if it was very active. Then it would likely appear as a bright object for maybe as long as several centuries. Alternatively Shaman became aware of the light flashes behind their eyes from the cosmic particle passing through and began to calculate when they occurred, and thus from which part of the sky.

The Maya were certainly fascinated with something connected to the dark rift, though other candidates than Cygnus X-3 may have been known to lurk beyond the cosmic dust waiting to erupt. Is this the creation cycle the Maya Long Count calendar tracks?

The ending of the count on 21-12-2012 occurs as the winter solstice sun touches the start of the rift. It will then head through for the following two decades. It seems likely that the Maya were most concerned with this part of the Earth’s precession cycle. This would be the peak of whatever was happening in the period. One degree of precession surrounding 2012 gives us just over 71 years in which events to play out with 2012 approximately central.

PrecessionSome will say that procession should not play much of a factor in whatever is happening being unlike the physical phenomena explained above. This is because the classic theory states that precession is due to the pull of the moon on the Earth creating a wobble. As such we are not really moving relative to the stars as it would seem by the precession of the solstice points. Modern findings do not seem to support this however as the speed of precession has been recorded as changing rapidly over the years. This really only makes sense if precession is in fact caused by our Sol having a binary twin about which it orbits in a cosmic dance.

This binary relationship would explain the problem that Sidereal years are too long compared to the solar year used in our calendar which remains constant. This also explains why our supposedly terribly wobbly earth does not end up with regional climate shifts during the precession cycle, as its angle of alignment wit the sun would change significantly.

If we are in a binary system, which most known star systems happen to be, then the stars shift in the sky because we are genuinely being moved away from our alignments to them. The combination of this movement and the energetic interaction between two stars are both important to consider that in the over all picture being painted for us. There may be a very good reason why a certain part of the precession cycle is highly risky for our planet.

Are we being dragged into the cosmic cross hairs of a galactic super gun, whilst other dramatic stellar events build up closer to him?

Finally there is the fifth factor that has come to light. Research is being done into evidence of an unknown mutation in humans. Particularly this is being found in children and young adults. Information is not readily available but a new book by Lee Carroll and colleagues expounds this very subject. A lady named Nancy Tappe began seeing an Indigo coloured energy pattern around some young people in the early 1980s. This lead to the Indigo child movement as it is today.

Unfortunately what was not so well known is that Nancy has the unusual condition Synesthesia in which the senses become confused or cross wired. Nancy has no ability to see auras in the common sense. Something about the physiology of certain people was seen as an indigo colour field. Before the early 80s she had not observed this colour on anyone. Further experiments suggested a mutation was occurring in the brain activity and bio-energy systems of young people involved. Unlike the Indigo hype there was no suggestion that these were children with special psychic abilities however. It seems she was observing changes occurring at the level of the Zero Point field where it merges into physical forms.

Mutating HumansMy initial conclusion then has to be that we are approaching an event that seems to be made up of a number of contributory cosmic factors. Though synchronising of these factors currently continues it may transpire that cosmic rays have been causing rapid mutation in unborn foetus for the last two decades. The progression and spread of change is only set to increase dramatically as we approach an unknown zero hour just a few years ahead. In fact we may have two or three zero hours ahead as the different forces ramp up against us, or indeed for us, depending on your views.

As many of us have stated the Maya calendar is then likely linked to a cycle of human evolution and change in mental functioning. Whatever the changes that happen every 13 Baktuns may be (and as stated in part 2 consciousness shifts were indicated at other points) it seems that the real show is at the end of five Baktuns or one cycle of binary precession lasting by their calculation 25,627 years.

Perhaps the last time this came around was not just during the ice age but maybe was the cause of much of the change and devastation of that time.

So what do we do when such enormous events seem to be rumbling around us well outside of the ability of science to prevent?

We will next explore the subject of how to prepare for the years ahead, assuming even only half this mega stuff is happening.

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By Bruce Fenton

2012 Rising The Last Tzolkin