Lord J'anaab Pakal's Map of the World After Axial Pole Shift Earth Changes of 2012 to 2015


Pole Shift Map 2015This map was presented to us in an altered state of consciousness, one might refer to it as having been a vision. The being responsible for presenting the image was Lord J'anaab Pakal, former ruler of 7th century Mayan Palenque and a Pleiadian Hybrid with access to advanced knowledge of planetary changes in Earth's future.

The changes depicted will largely occur during early 2013, or at least the major part of the polar axis shift will occur in Spring of 2013. We see a shift of between 10 an 30 degrees. Let us hope for the lower figure.

The events that bring about this changed globe are of course explained in our book.

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Solar (R)evolution

Solar (R)evolution.

By Bruce Fenton

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