Timewave 2013Spiritual author Sharron Rose of Sacred Mysteries Productions brings together an extraordinary selection of illuminated speakers for this deeply insightful film.

This creation is the timely follow up to 2012 The Odyssey, which successfully introduced the 2012 subject to the wider world. Timewave 2013 is for those that get the fact something is going on as we approach 2012 but want to know just what that is likely to be.

This adventure through both modern and ancient spiritual truths takes us well beyond the ending of the Maya calendar on 21-12-2012. Here we are presented with information from diverse arenas such as alchemy, shamanism, philosophy and ancient mysticism.

This film contains serious data that can further ones progress along the path to self-realisation. Esoteric revelations about the coding of DNA and its relation to the Maya 260 day count. Hidden Peruvian teaching on becoming a light being, curiously similar to Tibetan Buddhist rainbow-body meditation. Prophecy of the indigenous tribes is provided direct from the tribal shaman themselves, a refreshing change indeed I must say.

I would recommend watching 2012 The Odyssey before Timewave 2013 if this is to be your first encounter with the 2012 subject. Some of the information is easier to process if the viewer is already open to the deeper energies weaving their way through human planetary consciousness. You might then get your mind blown wide open as well as gain increased preparedness for coming events!

If 2012 is not something you are greatly bothered about you will still enjoy this production. It is far broader in subject matter than anything else available at this time. 2012 is something of a hub and strange attractor of esoteric material, this is an investigation of all the data that has been linked to it by dozens of researchers from myriad backgrounds.

All serious seekers will benefit from this experience.

Here is a list of those interviewed and links to their home sites on the net.

Geoff Stray
Jay Weidner
Whitley Strieber
Jose Arguelles
Greg Braden
Riane Eisler
Daniel Pinchbeck
William Henry
Jean Houston
John Major Jenkins
Rick Levine
Dennis McKenna
Sharron Rose
Dr Alberto Villoldo

Timewave 2013So many questions will be burnt in your mind by the end of this film!

Will we see enlightened beings arrive through a worm-whole in 2013?

Does unravelling the secret of DNA lead to unlocking star-gate science?

What was the builder of the cross of Hendaye communicating to the world?

I can only hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Well done Ms Rose!!!

By Bruce Fenton

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