Comet Holmes as Hopi Blue Star Prophecy Fulfilled

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The Hopi elders have long passed down their myths and prophecies such as the Hopi Blue Star, from generation to generation via oral tradition. Additional details are extrapolated from their many ancient rock pictographs and tablets.

One such prophecy reveals: "When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge".

The Blue Star is seen as the starting herald of a Great Purification period beginning prior to 2012. This would last for 7 years in total. Interestingly comet Holmes 17P travels an orbit around the sun 7 years long. That fact makes for a rather ominous coincidence if you ask this researcher. That should mean the great purification runs through 24-10-2007 to 24-10-2014.

It is said that it will begin when the Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask. Which partly relates to a certain ceremonial dance involving a specific religious mask from what I understand. It is however also explained as an actual solar object. First it would be represented in dances and later seen in the sky by all peoples of the Earth.

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The Hopi ceremonies will supposedly no longer be carried out once the "Kachina" removes his mask. This will be during a dance in the plaza that is held before uninitiated children. In all likelihood that may refer to one of the dances allowed to be viewed by white tourists. Although for a while there will be no more ceremonies, eventually the ‘Oraibi’ will be rejuvenated with new faith and new ceremonies, marking the start of a new cycle of life.

It is also held by many of the Hopi that WWIII may start at that time and would be initialised by the very people who first revealed the light. that is those people in the other ancient nations. Likely candidates are India, Persia, Egypt and China.


Although the war will be spiritual in nature conflict will be tested via the material as well. Material things will be destroyed by spiritual beings. Some will remain to create a new one-world, one-nation under one power, that being the Great Spirit (i.e. Compassionate environmentally balanced governance).

The time for all this was considered by the elders to be not so far off. As stated it would come when the Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina removed his mask. This represented a blue star then far off and initially invisible which would make its appearance in this generation. The time was foretold by a song which would be sung during the Wuwuchim ceremony. As happened just prior to both WWI & WWII.

Well I had an intuition which really got me thinking. I have studied ancient Native prophecies and have a close relationship with some of them, my family are of native Indian heritage. This is explained more fully in my book. Several prophecies have been coming true in the last few years and some of you will at least know of the multiple births of rare white buffalo calfs in the U.S.

comet holmes, blue star, blue star kachine, hopi prophecyIt is my conviction that we have now seen the realisation of another one of these prophecies and the 'Blue Star' has indeed arrived. Those who have kept an eye on happenings in space will know about comet Holmes. The comet underwent some kind of explosion of its matter on a scale that was completely unexpected and had no explanation from any quarters.

Images of the object show that its matter continued to expand outward and that it became the largest object in our solar system, larger even than the sun. The pictures beamed back to Earth show an enormous object with a bluish tinge. A blue object the size of a star.

This happened near to the the start of the final fifth night of the ancient Mayan prophetic calendars according to Carl Calleman's research work. A time expected by him to be very trying for the globe. Even normal comets are considered astrological heralds of change seen by our forbears as a sign of severe difficulties. If we are also seeing, as I believe, the harbinger of the time of purification then we really need to step up our game.

Just so that you know, the time of purification is when we are supposed to focus on purifying ourselves of negativity. This is done before the start of a new era of positive global community. It is predicted to be 7 years of severe Earth changes such as severe weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, wars and floods (all things happening already).

Has the Blue Katchina taken of its mask in dramatic fashion, so that all in the world may indeed see?

I would say that this comet turning itself into a blue star sized object fits the prophetic mould.

The Blue Star is seen as fairly benign in itself. The Hopi prophecy also speaks of a Red Star that will follow later. This is seen as more malignant and the harbinger of far more radical and intense unpleasant changes. 

As an interesting aside I first published this article on the 22/11/07 and it was pretty obscure. Since then we see it springing up on sites and Blogs all around the net. Either you heard it from me first or a whole lot of us intuitives received a cosmic message at about the same time. Either answer blows my mind!

[Update February 08 - I have been informed by Geoff Stray of that the Hopi ceremonies are still being held]

There seems to be no firm confirmation from the Hopi elders regarding their prophecy. There is claimed confirmation from Mayan elders. It is stated in the interview of Drunvalo Melchizedek that the council of Mayan elders have stated their acceptance of Holmes as the Hopi Blue Star. Personally I distrust Drunvalo and his claims based on investigating his work further.

Below is a message recieved 02/05/08 from Pete Borlace on both the Blue Star & the worrying situation in Hopiland. I hope that everyone will unite in assisting the Hopi at the worrying time when we may need their wisdom most.

As it happens, I was in Arizona from November to January, doing some volunteer work with the Hopi people. I stayed in Polacca at 1st Mesa and spent time on all three Mesas. When comet Holmes appeared I was still in Phoenix and about to travel north to Hopiland. Once stationed on the reservation for a week or so, I did bring up the subject with some locals, but they hadn't heard of the comet. At present I still haven't heard anything from them regarding this.

During my time with the Hopi I was very fortunate to witness a couple of ceremonies taking place in December (not the Wuwuchim ceremony though), so I know that the ceremonies haven't come to an end yet.

I passed this info on to Geoff when I returned to the UK, and he's mentioned it during talks he's given, including the Alternative View conference last weekend.

However I did mention to him that things on the Hopi Mesas aren't looking too healthy. There's a lot of internal unrest between the locals, and the community budgets have been reduced from last years, meaning that people are going to have a real struggle getting through 2008. It's not an overstatement to say that a lot of people there live in a 3rd world state of poverty. They need help and support, so if you can raise this issue at any gatherings this year I can pass on more info.

Having spoken to quite a lot of Hopi and Tewa people, they seem to know the situation they are in and some are resigned to just getting through it. Others are more active in looking to create a more positive outcome.

Considering the economic situation in the US and the Hopis' increasing dependence on outside support, I can easily imagine a time in the next few years when the ceremonies will cease.

Oraibi (or Old Oraibi) is now a ghost village as no one lives there, save some truly hardened locals. As the prophecy states, it will be rejuvenated after the time of tribulation. I truly hope this will be possible and that the Hopi people will find their way back to a united spiritual path.

Here's looking to a positive future.

Thanks again,


By Bruce Fenton

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